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Jimmy Page Talks New Music, Touring Plans For 2015

by Shawn Christ   Oct 9, 2014 21:17 PM EDT

Guitar god Jimmy Page told Classic Rock magazine that he's got plenty of material ready for a solo album, and that touring is a distinct possibility for 2015. 

"I'm not doing a modern Led Zeppelin album," Page assured. "I'm doing the music that will be a summing up of where I am at this point in time." 

Page went on to say, "New music is new music. But it still has to be good. It has to be vital. It has to connect with people. It doesn't want to be limp and halfhearted. It really needs to connect on one level or another, whether it's got that intensity to it, or it's something that is more rhythmic or voodoo-like, or something that is more sensitive or caressing."

The guitarist is hoping to hit the concert circuit next year because, as he said, it's important to be seen playing. "That's why I've put so much effort into stockpiling all of this new material," he said. "I know the importance of the Led Zeppelin legacy, if you like. So that's why I've been stockpiling over a couple of years. I think it's important. That's the way to look at it and that's the way to do it."

Page's Zeppelin counterpart, Robert Plant, is currently on the road supporting his latest effort Lullaby and...the Ceaseless Roar. He's playing a sold-out show in Brooklyn, N.Y., tonight (October 9) before heading to the U.K. for a run of dates, a majority also being sold out. "Plant's Americana detour has made him a better, more nuanced singer," Rolling Stone wrote in a three-star review of the album. "Here, coming home to something like progressive rock, it's hard not to think of his other band. Keep hope alive."

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