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Third Annual Love Rocks NYC Benefit Concert For God's Love We Deliver

Robert Plant Grants Children To Release Unreleased Music When He Dies

Buzz 07:30AM EDT

Led Zeppelin rockstar grants permission to kids to release his unreleased stuff when he dies.READ MORE

Led Zeppelin

You Can Now Pre-Order Led Zeppelin 50th Anniversary Book For $70

Genres 07:51AM EDT

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Led Zeppelin worked on a book that featured unpublished photos and artworks from the band's archives. Reel Art Press opened pre-order for 'Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin' this week.READ MORE

Robbie Williams

Jimmy Page Continues Feud With Neighbor Robbie Williams Over Plans For Underground Pool

Buzz 07:28AM EDT

Jimmy Page appeared in front of a council to argue against the construction planned by neighbor Robbie Williams that damage his brick Tower House in West London. Williams said that he has taken precautions to protect surrounding properties.READ MORE

Robert Plant

Robert Plant Reveals 2016 U.S. Tour Dates with Sensational Space Shifters

Buzz 20:45PM EDT

Although Robert Plant made it known he's completely uninterested in performing with John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page as Led Zeppelin, Jason Bonham seems to think he will play with the renowned trio once again. Plant will, however, hit the road with the Sensational Space Shifters for a number of 2016 U.S. tour dates ranging from Florida to Texas.READ MORE

Robert Plant, Jimmy Page, Jason Bonham and John Paul Jones

Jason Bonham Thinks Led Zeppelin Will Reunite to Play Together Again

Buzz 13:23PM EDT

Hopes for a Led Zeppelin reunion have dwindled with each passing year. After Robert Plant made it clear he had no intentions of reconvening with the iconic classic rock group, Jimmy Page jumped into lengthy process of Zeppelin album reissues. Now, the silver haired guitarist has plans to tour in 2016, further solidifying to fans that they may never see the trio of Plant, Page and John Paul Jones grace a stage together ever again. Jason Bonham, however, believes that he and the group will definitely play together again.READ MORE

Jimmy Page attends the UK Premiere of 'Led Zeppelin: Celebration Day'

Jimmy Page Tour 2016 Plans Revealed After Led Zeppelin Vault Project Is Completed

Buzz 15:41PM EDT

Jimmy Page recently closed the doors to the Led Zeppelin vault, tirelessly working to remix and remaster each of the iconic classic rock group's nine studio albums from their debut 'Led Zeppelin I' to their final compilation LP, 'Coda.' For that time, his solo career was placed on the back burner but now, Page has discreetly been detailing his plans to hit the road in 2016 for a solo tour.READ MORE

Jimmy Page poses for a photo at the Masonic Temple in Toronto, July 20, 2015.

Jimmy Page to Record First Solo Album in Almost 30 Years: Releasing in 2016

Buzz 22:53PM EDT

After a two year endeavor reissuing all nine studio albums and officially closing the doors to classic rock giant Led Zeppelin's vaults, the silver-haired, Les Paul wielding guitar hero, Jimmy Page, recently announced he'd release his first solo album in almost 30 years in 2016.READ MORE

Jimmy Page, Getty Images

Jimmy Page Plays Led Zeppelin's 'Rock And Roll' With Alice In Chains, Guns N' Roses [WATCH]

Buzz 18:53PM EDT

Last night (Nov. 19) at Seattle's Experience Music Project Museum, former Led Zeppelin axe-man, Jimmy Page, was joined by members of Nirvana, Guns N' Roses and many more for a blistering and rare live rendition of the classic Zeppelin track, "Rock And Roll."READ MORE

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page Says He 'Can't Foresee' Led Zeppelin Reuniting

Buzz 23:28PM EDT

Robert Plant is pretty straight forward when it comes to expressing his desire to move on from Led Zeppelin but that doesn't mean fans will give up entirely on a reunion. Jimmy Page recently said he can't see a Led Zep reunion sparking any time soon, since each band member can't agree on the right reasons to join forces again.READ MORE

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page Wraps Led Zeppelin Reissues, Ready to Resume Solo Career

Buzz 10:43AM EDT

In case you were wondering the exact date Jimmy Page would resume his solo career, he's got the information for you. The Led Zeppelin guitarist will pick up where he left off on August 2, as soon as he wraps up the year-long endeavour to reissue each of the iconic band's nine studio albums. July 31 will mark the final release of 1976's Presence, 1979's In Through the Out Door and 1982's compilation album, Coda.READ MORE

Robert Plant

Led Zeppelin Unveils Rough Mix of 'When the Levee Breaks' [LISTEN]

Buzz 14:19PM EDT

In the midst of the career-spanning eight Led Zeppelin reissues and accompanying alternative mixes, it's a wonder there's still abundant bonus material left for fans to discover. "When the Levee Breaks" took to the dark side on the Led Zeppelin IV reissue but it seems they've been saving an alternative rough mix, "If It Keeps On Raining" for their final deluxe reissue of Zeppelin's concluding album, 'Coda.'READ MORE

Jimmy Page

Led Zeppelin Guitarist Jimmy Page to Pursue 'New Project'

Buzz 20:34PM EDT

The iconic guitarist mentioned a live return but stated that he first needed to get "match fit" before he could jump into performing again. Page spoke to NME, detailing his desire to perform live after finally having a clear schedule. "The one thing I haven't been seen to be doing recently is playing guitar," he said. "So now I've got the opportunity to put all my drive into playing the guitar and working out what way to present myself next."READ MORE

Jimmy Page

Jimmy Page Previews Final Led Zeppelin Reissues; Officially Closes Band Vault

Buzz 16:57PM EDT

As the final three deluxe album reissues of' Presence,' 'In Through the Out Door' and 'Coda' were kicked off in London today, Jimmy Page officially shut the historical and impressive doors to the Led Zeppelin vaults.READ MORE

The Gibson Les Paul

5 Les Paul Gifts to Modern Music: Solid-Body Guitars, Multitrack Recording, More

Buzz 16:46PM EDT

Today marks what would have been the 100th birthday of Les Paul, one of the greatest innovators in music history, both for his work with instruments and with recording technology (and he wasn't half bad as a guitar player either). Music Times has assembled five of Paul's greatest contributions to the music world, in order of when he was most involved in its development. Understand that none of these technologies were solely his creation, but none of them would be the way we know them today if it weren't for his contributions, from the solid-body guitar to multitrack recording.READ MORE

Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin Concert Film Trailer Features 'Kashmir', 'Immigrant Song' and 'Black Dog' [WATCH]

Buzz 16:52PM EDT

A concert film highlighting some of Led Zeppelin's gigs throughout the 1970s is due out at the end of the month. Fathom Events, in collaboration with Swan Song and Atlantic Records, put together the two-hour film, which hits select theaters Mar. 30. The production companies recently released a concert trailer in advance of the film.READ MORE

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