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Skrillex Talks Dating Ellie Goulding, Relationship With Deadmau5 And Defends EDM On Howard Stern

by Ryan Middleton   Nov 10, 2014 21:23 PM EST

Skrillex went on Howard Stern this morning and had a nice chat with the Sirius XM host. They have a nice discussion on whether or not dance music is taken seriously, Skrillex's romantic life, his relationship with deadmau5 and much more.

Howard Stern asks the poignant question posed by many unfamiliar to the scene about why isn't dance music taken seriously. Skrillex responds, noting that it, like any musical genre that is new, becomes criticized and thus people don't understand it.

Howard Stern still has a difficult time wrapping his head around the lack of a band and Skrillex notes that The Ramones were considered musically illiterate when they started and were heavily criticized for that.

He defends deadmau5's sarcasm, and when asked about his current dating life, says he is too busy to try and make a relationship work, which is why it didn't work out with Ellie Goulding.

With his album Recess released earlier this year, plenty of shows on his new Mothership tour and a whole host of new music coming from Jack U, his collaboration with Diplo, Skrillex has had a very busy 2014. Things will only heat up into 2015 as he headlines Madison Square Garden with Diplo on New Years Eve.

The interview has been uploaded to Howard Stern's soundcloud page, but you can also read a full transcription of the show from Dancing Astronaut.

On EDM being taken less seriously:

"I guess naturally because it's so new, but it's the cool thing about it. There hasn't been a genre or platform in music in a long time that's been so criticized. Because it's new and people don't understand it, it makes people look old when they criticize it. The thing about electronic music, as far as the culture goes and the way the kids connect with the music, it's a lot like a Phish show or Grateful Dead show; we're constantly producing and making new stuff every single day on the road, and they want to hear all the new records. It's almost like what a radio DJ does."

On Paris Hilton's legitimacy as a DJ:

"It is what it is, if people want to go out and pay to see her. I don't think she makes a million dollars a night, I think that's just a rumor."

On the difference between being a DJ and a musician:

"It's such a grey area. The Ramones knew four chords, they were considered illiterate musicians. They were criticized."

On Deadmau5 friendship and potential competition:

"The thing about Joel is that he's kind of in his own lane. His attitude is very specific. He criticizes everybody. He talks shit about everybody. He was posting about me when I was first releasing music and helped a lot, released one of my first EPs on his label. He talks crap about everybody. You can't take him that seriously or personally. I don't know what his intentions are, or why he is the way he is. I never felt the need to be competitive with him."

On relationship with Ellie Goulding:

"The hardest thing was our schedules were just as crazy as each other's schedules, so it was so hard to see each other. There were times when we got to spend time. When we met she was off cycle, writing, hanging out, she'd come on tour with me, it was a lot easier. As soon as she got really busy it was impossible."

On current dating life:

"Right now it's such a dope, awesome, crazy time in my career. There's so many things changing and expanding, so many projects right now, I'm so focused on making music."

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