Kim Kardashian's track record for love has been less than stellar. With two divorces already under her belt, she tends to choose the wrong men. While Kardashian has claimed that Kanye West is her true love and perfect match, we are hearing that behind the scenes things are hardly smooth between them. In the past, whenever Kardashian's relationships have gotten tricky, she would start to look for an exit plan, but momager Kris Jenner has already forbidden her from doing it this time, according to WebProNews.

According to Radar Online, Jenner has already told her daughter that her career will never survive another divorce. As it is, whatever remaining fans she has still tend to think that Kardashian's second ill-fated marriage to Kris Humphries was more for their reality show than anything else. She cannot afford to have fans contemplating out loud whether or not she married West just to gain more fame while hoping to become better respected in Hollywood.

We have already told you that Kardashian and West are currently fighting because she feels that their marriage has become a business relationship. Their time together is already limited, so when they actually are together Kardashian does not want to talk shop. Unfortunately, work is pretty much all West does talk about, so there has been a major disconnect between them.

They are also reportedly disagreeing on how to parent little North West. Kardashian is passive and permissive with her daughter while West has no problem correcting her with a swat on the diaper or a tap on the hand. Up until recently, their daughter was the biggest thing between Kardashian and West that kept them connected. Now she is just another reason for them to clash.

Do you think Jenner is right and that one more failed, high-profile divorce would kill Kardashian's career? Will she take her mothers' advice and stick it out for the perceived greater good?

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