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After 25 Years, Ann Curry Is Finally Leaving NBC News

Off-Key 09:54AM EDT

Ann Curry's departure from NBC News has been nearly three years in the making. She has been gut-level unhappy at the network ever since being canned from her "Today" co-anchor spot, a firing that caused tons of backlash and months of controversy. While she was cut from the morning program she had spent 15 years with, she stayed with the network, basically making tons of money to do little. Rather than take the $12 million-a-year paycheck for minimal work, Curry started planning her exit, and on Monday, Jan. 12, it was confirmed that she is leaving the network. Curry will be beginning a new media start-up project that is backed by NBC Universal. She will also now be a free agent when it comes to reporting. She might pop up on NBC in the future, but she can also work for whatever outlet she pleases. "This is about reaching for the edge of the future in journalism, which we know is undergoing an irrevocable transition. In today's world of fragmented media, this is the time to seize the opportunity to improve the way we distribute and even tell stories. I want to expand my drive to give voice to the voiceless to emerging platforms and produce both scripted and non-scripted content, in addition to continuing to report on-air about stories that matter," said Curry in an official statement about her new position.READ MORE

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West - Twitter

Kim Kardashian Is Faking It Through the Holidays as Her Marriage to Kanye West Is Crumbling Fast

Off-Key 12:18PM EDT

Kanye West may have reluctantly agreed to spend Christmas with Kim Kardashian and the rest of her family, but that does not mean the couple is happy. Instead, he basically took one for the team and agreed to skip his planned trip to Paris to appease his wife. They have only been married for about seven months and already Kardashian is starting to realize she made yet another mistake and once again married the wrong man. Their relationship has always resembled a business relationship, but Kardashian apparently believed that once they swapped vows it would become a great love affair. Instead, she is now realizing that she is married to a workaholic that makes little time for her or their daughter, North West. Radar Online is shedding a bit of light on the rocky marriage and how Christmas together is not going to fix anything.READ MORE

Kim Kardashian - Twitter

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West at War Over Where to Spend Christmas

Off-Key 14:17PM EDT

It is starting to seem like Kim Kardashian's life with Kanye West is little more than a series of fights that carry on from one day to the next. The couple has barely been married for more than six months, and it seems that there is rarely any good news leaking out about them! We already know they were apart for Thanksgiving, with West opting to be in Paris rather than enjoying a big meal with his wife's family. Now it seems that Christmas is turning into an ugly battle as well. Fans of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" already know that once the holidays roll around, Kris Jenner traditionally pulls out all the stops. No matter what trouble is brewing between family members, everything seems to be shelved in favor of celebrating together. Kardashian is fully intending to spend Christmas at Jenner's home and she wants little North West to be able to enjoy the holiday with her cousins, Kourtney Kardashian's kids. Unfortunately, West has a totally different plan in mind. He wants to spend the holiday in Paris with his wife and daughter, where he can celebrate without Jenner's inevitable chaos and also get some work done. According to Radar Online, Kardashian is refusing to spend Christmas anywhere but at home together with her entire family. So far she is not considering a trip to Paris, and sources say that in Kardashian's mind it is not even an option.READ MORE

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Second Graders Spent Their Recess Time Protesting Ferguson in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Off-Key 19:24PM EDT

How young is too young when it comes to encouraging children to participate in some of the serious protests and dialogs that are playing out across the country? That question seems to be on the minds of many parents, especially some in New Bedford, Massachusetts who learned that their second graders took part in a protest last week!READ MORE

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Kanye West Attends Family Reunion Without His Family as Kim Kardashian and North West Are Nowhere in Sight

Off-Key 14:10PM EDT

It is just another typical weekend for Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, and that means the couple will most certainly not be spending any time together. They were briefly spotted together in New York City last week before West flew to Paris. Apparently his trip was short-lived because the rapper was in Wilmington, Delaware, this weekend for a family reunion — one that did not include either his wife or daughter. According to a report by MediaTakeOut, West was chilling with his family Saturday, Dec. 13, while Kardashian and North West were not with him. Kardashian has been making the holiday party rounds this past week, attending Rihanna's Diamond Ball and another bash thrown by Carole Bayer Sager. It seems Kardashian would much prefer a black-tie event with a red carpet over West's family get-togethers anyway, doesn't it? There have been so many rumors about the status of West and Kardashian's marriage lately, with a lot of speculation on the notion that they are basically separated. At its best, this relationship has always resembled more of a business relationship than anything else. Kardashian supposedly met with a divorce attorney last month in order to game-plan how to dismantle things if West makes good on his promise of moving to Paris next year full time. He supposedly wants North with him, but Kardashian is determined to keep her daughter in Los Angeles with her, so things could get messy fast between these two.READ MORE

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Has Kim Kardashian Already Met with High-Powered Divorce Attorney Despite Kris Jenner's Opposition?

Off-Key 12:34PM EDT

Being married to Kanye West has to be more than a little bit difficult, and from what we are hearing Kim Kardashian might just be ready to ignore her mother Kris Jenners's advice and throw in the towel. Just a few short weeks after swapping vows in May, West admitted that being married was already a challenge, and it seems that these last few months have only made things rockier between the two. West seemed to send a pretty clear message by leaving the country for Thanksgiving, but as it turns out, Kardashian may have met with a divorce attorney early in November. According to a source for Radar Online, Kardashian had an elevator blocked off so she could meet discreetly with a high-powered Los Angeles divorce attorney. Apparently, Kardashian expects that a split will get messy, and her biggest concern is the inevitable fight for custody of North West. As it is, West is saying that he intends to move to Paris and make it his permanent home beginning early next year. He is planning on bringing his daughter with him even if Kardashian wants to stay behind in L.A. This type of controlling behavior is one of the things that has reportedly driven Kardashian away from West. She assumed that once they were married things would improve, but just like in her two previous marriages, she has learned the hard way that making it legal changes nothing. In fact, if anything she has just made things more difficult. The fallout from her marriage to Kris Humphries was so disastrous that Jenner has reportedly warned her daughter that her career cannot handle another divorce.READ MORE

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Speculation that Rosie O'Donnell Will Be Fired from 'The View' Intensifies

Off-Key 09:57AM EDT

We have already told you guys that there are major problems going on over at ABC's "The View," and while a lot of finger-pointing is going on, Rosie O'Donnell is inevitably in the middle of it all. Everything seems to be an issue for the star, from the topics that the ladies discuss during the show to the fact that Whoopi Goldberg has been cast as the discussion leader. After just a few months back at the round table, it seems O'Donnell cannot get out of there fast enough and her days are already rumored to be numbered. According to a well-placed source, TMZ is reporting that O'Donnell has become impossible to work with. Aside from being ticked off that Goldberg is in control of the daily discussion, she has made no friends within the production crew because of her rude behavior. Supposedly, people connected to the show have attempted to talk things out with O'Donnell, but that has gotten them nowhere. She is reportedly depressed, leaving some to wonder if she will even bother to finish out the entire season. Some of the conflict between O'Donnell and Goldberg has stemmed from the fact that Goldberg has purposely avoided discussion of controversial topics, such as the rape allegations against Bill Cosby. Since "The View" is now technically a part of ABC News, then there is an expectation that such headline-grabbing subjects would be fair game, but the more O'Donnell pushes for that, the faster Goldberg seems to dismiss her thoughts.READ MORE

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Kris Jenner Insists that Another Divorce Would Kill Kim Kardashian's Career

Off-Key 09:46AM EDT

Kim Kardashian's track record for love has been less than stellar. With two divorces already under her belt, she tends to choose the wrong men. While Kardashian has claimed that Kanye West is her true love and perfect match, we are hearing that behind the scenes things are hardly smooth between them. In the past, whenever Kardashian's relationships have gotten tricky, she would start to look for an exit plan, but momager Kris Jenner has already forbidden her from doing it this time, according to WebProNews. According to Radar Online, Jenner has already told her daughter that her career will never survive another divorce. As it is, whatever remaining fans she has still tend to think that Kardashian's second ill-fated marriage to Kris Humphries was more for their reality show than anything else. She cannot afford to have fans contemplating out loud whether or not she married West just to gain more fame while hoping to become better respected in Hollywood.READ MORE

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt Caught Fighting While Promoting 'Unbroken' in Australia

Off-Key 21:33PM EDT

It's been a really long time since Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie seemed any less than blissfully happy together, hasn't it? Apparently their time spent in Australia last week to promote Jolie's new film Unbroken, ended up being a bit strained, proving that they are just like everyone else. According to a report by Australia Woman's Day, Pitt and Jolie were caught having a blow out on their hotel in Sydney.READ MORE

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