Kendall Jenner has been insisting for the last few years that being part of the Kardashian family has actually prevented her from being taken seriously in the modeling world. Jenner has said that instead of it helping her, she has had to work harder to try and distance herself from the reality television mainstays so she could actually work.

Kris Jenner has functioned as a "momager" for all of her children, but apparently even that is a situation Jenner has decided needs to change — much to her mother's horror.

Sure, Kris may have made a mint off her family's everyday life for the last eight years, but even her model daughter believes she has pimped out and manipulated Kim Kardashian for her own personal gain. Jenner has no intention of becoming her mother's victim and jumping at every possible money-making scheme that exists. According to a report by Radar Online, Jenner has already officially moved out of Kris's home and has begun severing business ties.

Jenner realizes that she is going to need a solid PR team behind her if she is going to see her modeling career turn into a lengthy endeavor, and she knows Kris is incapable of making it happen. Instead of looking at the whole picture, Kris likes to swoop in and grab paychecks. Jenner obviously wants to get paid, but she is also looking to have some longevity in the business.

Do you think Kendall Jenner is wise to distance herself from her fame-hungry family as much as possible? It probably makes sense for her to move on from having her mother repping her because, ultimately, Kris is invested in the family business and not just pushing her one daughter to the top. Kris absolutely hates the idea of any of her kids succeeding without her having a hand in it, don't you think?

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