Australian producer/DJ Flume has become one of the biggest revelations in electronic music since his debut artist album was released at the end of 2012. He has gone from a niche Australian producer playing 300 person capacity venues in his home country of Australia to headlining Coachella and selling out Terminal 5 in New York City three nights in a row in under two years time. That remarkable rise to stardom has been in large part because of his unique sound, but also the Future Classic team behind him who have been carefully orchestrating each move to create the best possible outcome for Flume. Flume, also known as Harley Streten, and the Future Classic team, his management and label home, sat down during the Electronic Music Conference in Australia to talk their strategies and how they have been able to be so successful with him over such a short period of time.

The panel consists of Flume, Nathan McLay, the lead manager, Ed Sholl, the head of the label in Australia and New Zealand and international partner liason, Jarrod Bird, publisher, Jay Ryves, Art Director and Latane Hughes, one of his North American agents from Windish Agency.

The team share valuable insights into how to create another artist like Flume, and that starts with the music. The most difficult part for most artists and managers is getting started or connected, and this happened organically through a contest submission. Flume reminisced, I had the Sleepless EP done and it was just kind of sitting on my hard drive for a while ... so I thought I'd send it in ... they kind of hit me back and we had a meet and, yeah, signed a deal."

The music spoke for itself and the rest has been putting Flume in the right place at the right time to make sure his story spreads organically in a way that does not get drowned out by the noise. His North American Agent, Hughes, comments, "Positioning is pretty important for us ... We try to keep Harley straddling the line between a purely electronic artist and a regular indie rock artist."

The team works things differently then most other artists, treating remixes like singles and working hard to build a brand that maintains Flume's image between indie and electronic. Future Classic has done a masterful job with Flume, so watch the insightful panel below to gain knowledge into how a successful boutique management team works.