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MIXTAPE MONDAY: Check out new songs from Eagulls, Angel Olsen, Solange, GEMS, and many more!

by Jon Niles   Nov 18, 2013 11:26 AM EST

Music Times proudly presents "Monday Mixtape" to you: our new weekly installment of brand new tracks from up and coming artists released within the last week. Today's mixtape includes recently debuted tracks from Eagulls, PANES, Angel Olsen, Dog Bite, Solange, and many more to complete a new mixtape of songs to share with whomever you'd like!

Our opening track this week comes from Leeds' five-piece post-punk rockers Eagulls. This brand new song, "Tough Luck," is also the first taste of the band's debut self-titled LP coming out March 4, 2014, on Partisan Records.

RIYL: Tokyo Police Club, We Were Promised Jetpacks, Yuck

Seattle-based indie rock duo Mansions last week released its latest LP entitled Doom Loop on Clifton Motel Records. The band (made up of singer/guitarist Christopher Browder and bassist Robin Dove) is a great example of staying loyal to the music you grew up with. Our mixtape features the group's track "If You're Leaving," transporting us back to the days where indie rock and emo were one in the same.

RIYL: The Get Up Kids, Bayside, Look Mexico

We're going to start slowing things down with a more sensual block of tracks a bit early this week. This week's breakdown tracks include new songs from PANES, Solange, SBTRKT, and Woman's Hour (with a Leona Lewis cover!).

RIYL: R&B, Electronica, & slow jams!

Staying in the vein of the "slow jam," chillwave outfit Dog Bite the week offers up its dark lead single off of the upcoming sophomore release Tranquilizers. Starting off as the solo project of Washed Out's former keyboardist, Phil Jones, Dog Bite is now a full band that is sure to make huge strides for the genre.

RIYL: Washed Out, Toro Y Moi, XXYYXX

In order to get out of the calmer songs featured in the middle of this week's mix, we're exploding into the last few tracks with a new song from Total Slackers. Get ready to rock out with "Keep the Ships at Bay."

RIYL: The Thermals, Weezer

This next song is the one you want to share with that special someone and the reason you made this mixtape in the first place. Sneaking a song like GEMS' hypnotic "Ephemera" into the penultimate track is a solid move for anyone trying to get that certain someone's attention.

RIYL: Rhye, Sia, Cat Power

We end this week's mixtape with a great track from folk-rocker Angel Olsen. Taking a step back from her angelic acoustic numbers, we're treated to a garage rock track entitled "Forgiven/Forgotten." The lyrics definitely have a sense of conclusion, so it works perfectly for our latest compilation.

RIYL: The Julie Ruin, Laura Stevenson, Sleater Kinney

This mix of new songs from the last week could easily serve as a playlist for keeping warm in the brisk autumn weather. We talked briefly about sneaking GEMS' "Ephemera" into the mix for your special someone, so get cozy with him or her and enjoy the latest Monday Mixtape!

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