Jason Derulo is moving on from his R&B fueled album Talk Dirty by channeling some sunny, '80s-friendly pop. After dominating 2014 with his singles "Talk Dirty" and "Wiggle," on Monday (March 9), Derulo returned with an infectious, falsetto-starring new single "Want to Want Me."

The peppy single is a major departure for Derulo, who usually injects sizzling R&B into his music. Instead, the lead instrument backing up his vocals is synth, with the strong hits of the keys glistening alongside him. With a riff worthy of Maroon 5 or any other pop rock act, "Want to Want Me" finds Derulo away from the clubs as he tries to get up right next to you.

"Girl, you know what I want to want me / And if you want, now, girl you got me / There's nothing I wouldn't do / Just to get up next to you," he sings in the chorus before backing himself with a round of "Oohs."

The departure may be shocking for fans of Derulo, and if it weren't for that signature whisper of his name at the top of the track, many may not even know it was him in this song to begin with. But, it works. It works so much better than any sort of sleezy club anthem from his last album.

Listen to the new Jason Derulo single "Want to Want Me" below:

"Want to Want Me" is rumored to be the lead single from Derulo's new album, which is reportedly due out later this year.

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