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Kygo Shares "Stole the Show" Featuring Parson James Ahead of Ultra Music Festival 2015 Performance

by Ryan Middleton   Mar 16, 2015 13:43 PM EDT

Norwegian tropical house producer DJ Kygo has unveiled his third single since his drastic style change at the end of 2013. The new single "Stole the Show" features the vocals of New York City-based singer/songwriter Parson James as Kygo crafts another one of his vintage relaxing, beach- or pool-focused melodies with the triumphant vocals of James emphatically recounting how that, though their time is up, they "stole the show." He will also be performing at Ultra Music Festival.

"Stole the Show" follows up his December 2014 debut single "Firestone" that also featured a male vocalist in Conrad. Kygo has married his music well to strong male vocals, remixing the likes of Coldplay, Ed Sheeran and Marvin Gaye while also calling upon two male singers for his two vocal originals.

"Stole the Show" is only available for streaming now on Spotify, much like the original rollout of "Firestone." So stream it below and stay tuned for when it hits download portals like iTunes and Beatport.

Though no details have been given, it is likely that "Stole the Show" is the second single from Kygo's upcoming album that remains untitled and without a release date. It will be released through Sony at some point this year.

Kygo is gearing up for his performance on the live stage at Ultra Music Festival at the end of the month. He was tabbed by UMF to create an anthem for it. The track is simply titled "ID" because it does not officially have a name, but you can stream it on Spotify.

Kygo has also been booked for a few other North American festivals later in the spring and summer, including Coachella, Firefly and Couterpoint.

Readers: What did you thik of the track? Let us know down in the comments section below.

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