Jay-Z gets intimate and personal with Zane Lowe for the final installment of his hour-long BBC Radio 1 interview. With almost two decades in the rap game, Hov reveals how falling in love and marrying Beyoncé and the birth of his daughter Blue Ivy Carter changed his life and influences the energy for Magna Carter Holy Grail. Although his family is the focal point of the beginning of the interview, Hov also discussed a possible tour with Beyoncé and Watch the Throne 2 with Kanye West.

Zane walks Jay-Z through his thoughts and lyrics behind “Jay-Z Blue,” his metaphorical song dedicated to Blue Ivy. Jay-Z opens the song, with “Blue told me to remind yall,” a line that describes his daughter’s energy and the statement of mind he has as a first time father.

While fatherhood may be a new title for Hov, being famous isn’t. Hov revisited the concept of fame, as he does on Magna Carter Holy Grail. Lowe asked him about aligning his star power with his wife for a tour with Beyonce, and Hov confirmed that the “thought” is definitely there.

Watch Part 4 of the interview and listen to Jay-Z address retiring from the industry. Parts 1-3 of the interview after the jump.

The full-length interview was broken down into four video segments. In part one of the hour long interview Jay-Z addressed Magna Carta Holy Grail the lyrics, and the album opener, "Holy Grail."

As we go on to Part II Hov starts to explore dealing with fame, Roca-A-Fella Records days, and Kanye West’s passion for expression and his dedication to music on a whole.

Jay said: “I’ve seen it happen before, I’ve seen all the pitfalls. I’m playing this dance with this fame, and it’s like playing with a drug. It’s very deadly. If it gets you, it’s gon’ pull you in and it takes you somewhere dark. And some people never come back from it.”

Part III of the interview Hov gets down to business and politics. He touches on his relationship with President Obama, the pressures of moving into sports management, why clients are switching to Roc Nation Sports, and J. Cole's position in the rap industry.

Jay-Z’s 12th solo LP has topped the Billboard 200 albums chart with 528,208 first-week copies sold, according to Hits Daily Double. That’s excluding the 1 million units Samsung pre-purchased, which earned MCHG instant platinum status.