January 19, 2018 / 2:49 AM

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Juvenile Releases First Cash Money Mixtape Since Rejoining Embattled Record Label; Future Makes Guest Appearance

Juvenile was one of few rappers rushing back into Cash Money amid its lawsuits with Lil Wayne, Turk and Jas Prince, and now he's got something to show for it, having released his Mardi Gras 2 mixtape, the first for the emcee since he came back to the label.

It's no slim product either, featuring 20 tracks, including guest appearances from Cash Money standards Birdman and Mannie Williams. The biggest guest however is Future, who swings by fopr the track "My N*ggaz." Many of the guests haven't hit the mainstream yet...largely because Cash Money is trying to establish new acts to fill the shoes of heavy hitters such as Wayne (and possibly Drake and Nicki Minaj) who may dart soon. Interestingly, a large chunk of the guests consist of established rappers' children: Young Juve is the son of the headliner, Lil Soulja Slim is the son of Magnolia Slim, and T.Y. is the son of B.G. (who, interestingly, left Cash Money several years ago after a contractual dispute).

It's been nearly 12 years since Juvenile dropped an album on Cash Money, last doing so during 2003 with Juve The Great. He's released several albums in the meantime, on Atlantic and UTP. His last full-length, last year's Fundamentals, was on Rap-a-Lot Records (owned by Jas Prince).

No pressure, according to an interview with MTV News.

"Definitely expectations," he said. "I expect everybody to have expectations and the label to have expectations—so I'm not saying I have to top anybody or compete but I am gonna compete with everybody and try to top everybody, it's just the nature of this business."

Juvenile is expected to drop a new record during 2015 but details regarding a title or date haven't been passed along yet. You can check out Mardi Gras 2 here.

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