We told you the other day that Giuliana Rancic has confirmed that she will be moving to Chicago in the coming months. It will be the first time since marrying Bill Rancic that the E! host will no longer divide her time between Los Angeles and Chicago, and it seems to be a pretty clear sign that her days as a critic on Fashion Police are over. When asked about her future with the show, she simply responded, "We'll see," further fueling rumors that she will not return when the show returns next fall.

Melissa Rivers, executive producer of Fashion Police, recently put the show on hiatus after a round of bad press. It was already a bit of an uphill battle to keep the show going after the death of Joan Rivers, and it seemed to crash and burn pretty quickly, thanks in great part to Rancic's commentary. Kathy Griffin was brought in to replace Rivers and only lasted a few weeks. Rancic's negative comments about Zendaya Coleman on Oscar night started a black cloud of controversy that quickly led to the departure of Griffin and Kelly Osbourne.

When the show was quickly pushed into a hiatus so it could be recast and revamped, it did seem like Rancic would be returning, at least at first. Now it looks like Rivers and E! are actually paying attention to all the negative press dogging Rancic and have decided to distance themselves. Rancic's weight, comments, marriage and diva antics have all made headlines in the last several weeks, making her a lightening rod for bad press.

So while she is being a bit coy about her future with Fashion Police, the reality is that if the network wants the show to succeed, then the best thing it can do is ditch her.

Do you think she will be returning, or has being fired been the catalyst for Rancic deciding to leave L.A.? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below.