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Giuliana Rancic Confirms She's Leaving 'E! News' After a Scandalous Year

Off-Key 10:27AM EDT

It has been a pretty rocky year for E!'s Giuliana Rancic. First she came under serious fire for making what many perceived to be racist remarks about Zendaya's hair on Oscar night and then she chased that with a book that painted a fairly negative picture of her as well. Her drama directly contributed to the hiatus of Fashion Police and many expected her to be fired from the series. Instead Rancic has announced that she will be leaving E! News later this summer.READ MORE

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Is Giuliana Rancic Really Thrilled About Melissa Rivers Joining 'Fashion Police' as Host?

Off-Key 12:36PM EDT

Can E!'s "Fashion Police" bounce back from the devastating loss of Joan Rivers and then the round of bad press that it received earlier this year? Executive producer, Melissa Rivers, is hoping so and in order to make it happen, she is taking matters into her own hands. Starting in September, Rivers will become a panelist on the weekly fashion gabfest, hoping to recapture some of the energy that her late mother brought to the show. In somewhat of a surprising move, Rivers has also decided to bring back Giuliana Rancic as a co-host.READ MORE

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Giuliana Rancic Not Returning to 'Fashion Police' After Chicago Move

Off-Key 09:51AM EDT

We told you the other day that Giuliana Rancic has confirmed that she will be moving to Chicago in the coming months. It will be the first time since marrying Bill Rancic that the E! host will no longer divide her time between Los Angeles and Chicago, and it seems to be a pretty clear sign that her days as a critic on 'Fashion Police' are over. When asked about her future with the show, she simply responded, "We'll see," further fueling rumors that she will not return when the show returns next fall.READ MORE

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Melissa Rivers Tribute Book to Her Mother Will Be Released in May

Off-Key 11:07AM EDT

When Joan Rivers died unexpectedly and under suspicious circumstances in September, everyone wondered how her daughter Melissa Rivers would cope. She has spent most of her time out of the spotlight, and while Melissa has decided to move forward with a huge malpractice suit, she has also decided to do something productive. Joan was an iconic comedienne with millions of fans, so her daughter has decided to put together a tribute book filled with stories intended to make readers laugh that will be released in May.READ MORE

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Joan Rivers's Anesthesiologist Claims She Did Everything Right, Files Response to Malpractice Suit

Off-Key 17:16PM EDT

Renuka Reddy Bankulla is a name that is likely to become somewhat familiar in the coming months, as she is the anesthesiologist who has been named in Melissa Rivers's malpractice suit that was filed on behalf of her mother, Joan Rivers. Bankulla was named in the suit, along with the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic and the individual doctors who were in the procedure room at the time of Joan's cardiac arrest. Melissa's filing alleges that Bankulla failed to take the necessary steps in order to try and save her mothers' life. It is a claim that it did not take the anesthesiologist long to respond to.READ MORE

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Melissa Rivers Slams Yorkville Clinic and 'Groupie' Doctors with Lawsuit Over Joan Rivers's Death

Off-Key 09:49AM EDT

Well, we knew this was inevitable, and now it has happened. Melissa Rivers has finally, officially filed a malpractice lawsuit against the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic and everyone who played a part in her mother Joan Rivers's untimely death last September, according to Fox Business. In the suit, lawyers for Melissa claim that each staff member acted more like a groupie doctors than a bunch of caregivers, and when it was clear there was an emergency, Joan's personal doctor left the room in an attempt to distance herself from the mistakes that had been made.READ MORE

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Renuka Reddy Bankulla was the Anesthesiologist Involved in Joan Rivers Botched Procedure

Off-Key 19:53PM EDT

The series of events leading up to the unexpected and untimely death of Joan Rivers are quite complicated, mainly because the staff at Yorkville Endoscopy Center have worked really hard to keep things as under wraps as possible. We have gotten the distinct impression that Melissa Rivers' legal team has been slowly but surely piecing things together themselves because very few details have been willingly handed over. The media has been all over this from the beginning because it has always seemed like malpractice was involved. Today we've learned that the anesthesiologist in that procedure room with Joan was a woman named Renuka Reddy Bankulla.READ MORE

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Melissa Rivers's Biggest Holiday Wish Is for Her Son to Laugh Again

Off-Key 10:53AM EDT

These last four months have no doubt been at times unbearable for Melissa Rivers and her son Cooper. The untimely death of Joan Rivers in early September has been a devastating blow for the tight-knit family, and while Melissa is starting to step out in public again, that does not mean things are back to normal either for her or Cooper. TMZ caught up with the late comedienne's daughter last week and asked her about her holiday wish, and Melissa said her fondest Christmas wish would be for her son to begin laughing again. While she said she believes 2015 will have great things in store for them, it seems it may be awhile before they are feeling somewhat back to normal. Even if Melissa and Cooper have adjusted to not having Joan as a prominent part of their daily lives, there is still a legal battle ahead. It seems many mistakes were made by the staff of the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic, from administering too much propofol to Joan to ignoring the fact that her vitals had dropped for an extended period of time, and Melissa has every intention of holding them accountable.READ MORE

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Kelly Osbourne Is Furious that Kathy Griffin Is Replacing Joan Rivers on 'Fashion Police'

Off-Key 13:41PM EDT

Kelly Osbourne was not exactly best friends with Joan Rivers — in fact, the two actually clashed quite a bit — but that does not mean Osbourne did not have respect for her "Fashion Police" costar. In fact, when she found out that Melissa Rivers has handpicked Kathy Griffin to replace Joan on "Fashion Police," Osbourne made her dissatisfaction abundantly clear to everyone within earshot. According to a report by Radar Online, Osbourne also flipped when she found out what Griffin's starting salary on the show will be. Apparently, it is considerably more than what Osbourne started out with, and that is just one more reason for her to be ticked off. It is not like Griffin and Osbourne have ever seen eye to eye anyway, but these issues are only adding fuel to the fire.READ MORE

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Melissa Rivers Emerges from Mourning Her Mothers' Death and Appears to Have Had Some Work Done on Her Face

Off-Key 11:14AM EDT

In the three months since Joan Rivers untimely death, her daughter, Melissa Rivers has barely been seen in public. The 46-year old mother of one was absolutely gutted by the loss of her mother and while she has tried to put one foot in front of the other, her social media accounts reflect the fact that she is still buried in grief. Melissa did step out on Friday to attend the 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup Awards in Vegas and it was kind of hard to ignore the fact that she looks different.READ MORE

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Joan Rivers's Doctors Waited 14 Minutes As Her Vitals Crashed Before Calling 911

Off-Key 09:32AM EDT

Slowly but surely, as time goes on we are learning more about the simple endoscopic procedure that ultimately resulted in the death of Joan Rivers in September. In late August, the comedienne checked into the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic in Manhattan to have a simple, routine procedure done. As pieces of the puzzle have been put together, it now seems that not only was Rivers given far too much Propofol to sedate her, but that her doctors continued to scope her even when her vitals dropped to dangerous levels. According to a new report by Page Six, workers at Yorkville waited for 14 whole minutes before calling 911 after she went into shock. Rather than stopping their procedure, Drs. Lawrence Cohen and Gwen Korovin continued to scope Rivers's larynx rather than begin to administer CPR. When they reportedly did begin trying to resuscitate Rivers, they wasted 10 minutes in failed attempts before calling in additional help. All of these little details are no doubt devastating to Rivers's daughter Melissa Rivers. They will also only help to bolster the malpractice lawsuit that she already has hired a bulldog law firm putting together. Rivers may have been in her 80s, but it has become painfully clear that her death was unnecessary at this particular point in time.READ MORE

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Melissa Rivers is Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner in Honor of Her Mother in NYC

Off-Key 08:51AM EDT

Melissa Rivers has been working hard to move on from the untimely death of her beloved mother, Joan Rivers, back in September. We now know that the circumstances surrounding the comedienne's death were likely due to mistakes made by the healthcare professionals that she was trusting, and that Melissa has already hired a bulldog law firm to insist on some level of legal accountability. This is one of Melissa's top priorities right now but she also realizes that life must go on so she's going to celebrate Thanksgiving exactly as Joan would have.READ MORE

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New York Health Department Believes Yorkville Clinic Broke Protocol Before Giving Joan Rivers a Double Dose of Propofol to Sedate Her

Off-Key 17:43PM EDT

It sounds like New York's Department of Health and Human Services has just made Melissa Rivers's malpractice suit a whole lot easier. As we recently told you, Melissa has hired a high-powered Manhattan law firm to represent her on behalf of Joan Rivers's estate. Page Six said Joan checked herself into the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic Aug. 28 for what was intended to be an exploitative procedure and went into cardiac arrest while sedated with Propofol. According to the agency, the clinic screwed up by not dosing Joan properly. Propofol's dosage is dependent upon a patient's weight and, apparently, Yorkville never bothered to weigh Joan. According to an explosive report by TMZ, a staff member told the New York agency that they made a mistake while inputting the proper dosage into the computer and that Joan was given double the dosage of what is safe for a woman of her size. Not only did they screw up the medication, but the report also alleges that if Joan had been as closely monitored as a patient under Propofol is supposed to be, then staffers would have realized she was starting to die right in front of them! Instead, by the time the two doctors and team of nurses in the room realized what was happening, she was already in full cardiac arrest.READ MORE

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Melissa Rivers Hires Powerhouse Law Firm to File Multimillion-Dollar Wrongful Death Suit on Behalf of Joan Rivers Estate

Off-Key 09:45AM EDT

All of that speculation about Melissa Rivers filing a wrongful death lawsuit has now become reality, as it was announced that Joan Rivers's daughter has retained the Manhattan powerhouse law firm of Gair, Gair, Conason, Steigman, Maloof, Bloom and Rubinowitz. This comes as simply the first step in filing a multimillion-dollar wrongful death suit against the Yorkville Clinic, where Joan's routine endoscopic procedure resulted in a coma the comedienne never came out of. It is possible a formal suit could be filed as early as today in New York City.READ MORE

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Melissa Rivers Reportedly Will Sue Yorkville Clinic in Order to Find Out What Actually Caused Joan Rivers's Death

Off-Key 09:15AM EDT

It has been nearly two months since Joan Rivers walked into the Yorkville Endoscopy Clinic for a routine procedure and never recovered. While the comedienne was 81 at the time of her death, she was thought to be in good shape, making her death an untimely one. Unfortunately, Melissa Rivers opted not to have an autopsy done on her mother, so even after Joan's death was ruled a complication connected to the surgery, that is not actually telling Melissa what really happened to her mother. In order to get to the bottom of things, Melissa has reportedly decided to sue the Yorkville clinic and the doctors who cared for Joan.READ MORE

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