Not only has it been finally confirmed that Bruce Jenner's two-hour interview with Diane Sawyer will air on April 24, but a promo has also been released for the exclusive chat. While the whole clip is done in silhouette, it's pretty clear that Jenner's transformation into a woman will be visibly apparent and no one is less happy with this situation than his ex, Kris Jenner. It has been reported that rather than believing that the man that she spent two decades with really wants to live his life as a woman, Kris thinks this is all happening just to spite and embarrass her.

According to a report by Radar Online, she decided to pay Jenner a visit on Thursday, in the hopes of learning in advance what this upcoming interview will reveal. Kris wants to be prepared for any bombshells in advance but her ex wasn't exactly helpful.

"The timing of the visit was pure public relations stunt on Kris' part. Knowing Bruce's interview with Diane Sawyer would be airing next week, Kris needed to appear empathetic towards him and his journey to become a woman. Even though Kris still thinks Bruce is doing this to embarrass her, it was time for cameras to get her arriving at Bruce's Malibu house. Since she knew there would be tension, Kris decided to bring Kourtney, and her kids, Mason and Penelope. Kris grilled Bruce about what was revealed during the interview, and he didn't give her a lot to go on." explains an insider.

It's not very surprising that Jenner wasn't offering Kris too many advance details. She has a way of trying to spin every single story in a way that makes her look better and Kris' sense of reality isn't always rooted in fact but more like her own personal PR spin on things. Do you think that Jenner intends to purposely mortify his ex while speaking of his transformation with Sawyer? Or is it simply time for him to tell his story on his own terms and that's his intention? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!