Suge Knight has once again been hospitalized following a hearing tied to his alleged hit-and-run, and possible murder, of Terry Carter. No reason was given for the transportation of Knight from the Los Angeles Superior Court to a nearby hospital, but it's become a recurring issue in the continuation of the ordeal. This marks the fifth time Knight has been taken from the courthouse via ambulance.

The former Death Row Records honcho has a history of medical issues, including diabetes and a blood clot near his lung (stemming from a gunshot wound during 2014). Knight's fiancé Toi Kelly had suggested during a recent interview that his health was on the up-and-up.

One of the more suspicious elements of the hospital trips is that they tend to come when a major break or decision has been made in the case. The most discussed moment was when Knight passed out in the courtroom following a judge's announcement that his bail would be set at the sky-high $25 million. He would later be brought into court by a wheelchair, although he took umbrage at the situation.

Once again, yesterday's hospitalization correlates with a major event in the case. Judge Ronald Coen formally ordered that Knight will stand trial for the alleged murder of Terry Carter, but that was a rather expected development. The rest of the news seemed good: Coen lowered Knight's bail from $25 million to the more manageable $10 million, and Knight appeared alright while walking out of the courtroom.

Needless to say, it's an odd situation.

The hearings took a rather curious/borderline humorous turd during the testimony of Cle "Bones" Sloan, another victim who was hit by Knight's truck. He claimed to not remember the incident and also used the phrase that he didn't want to be a snitch while testifying.

Stay tuned for more action from the trial as it moves forward.