Everyone loves a good drama and it seems that one of NBC's best offerings right now is actually taking place behind the scenes. The network's news bureau is still knee-deep in the scandal caused by Brian Williams flat out lying about some of his experiences in the field. While he was placed on a 6-month suspension back in February, the NBC D.C. news bureau almost immediately strongly opposed the idea of ever bringing back the disgraced anchor. Williams recently stated that he's not going to lose the prime gig at NBC Nightly News without a good fight and suddenly all sorts of leaks in the network's formal investigation started hitting the press. Is the pressure on to try and force Williams to resign? Many seem to think so.

If NBC flat out fires him just a few short months after signing him to a multi-year contract, then they will likely end up paying him millions. Williams issued a surface level apology for his misremembering his own truth, something that didn't sit well with either viewers or the network. Not only did he not take responsibility for his purposeful actions in this case, but the network has uncovered nearly a dozen other instances where Williams was equally shady. Perhaps by tipping their proverbial hand and making it clear that if he wants a fight then they are prepared to completely drag his legacy through the mud, Williams will rethink his position.

If he resigns then all of the details of NBC's formal investigation can easily stayed under wraps for the most part and Williams might be able to save a bit of face and rise from this scandal to do something else in the public domain. If NBC decides to play their hand then Williams entire career will probably be toast. It seems that even Andy Lack, who was brought back to NBC to save the news bureau and quite possibly Williams' job as well, seems to have abandoned the idea of trying to get Williams back in that prized anchor seat.

Do you think that there's any chance that Williams will resign? Or is he way too arrogant to even consider it? Will this whole case end up playing out in the public domain? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!