Didn't it seem like Kate Middleton was pregnant forever this time around? It's probably because we all spent six months speculating on whether or not she was pregnant again before she actually did conceive her second child. We now know that Middleton safely delivered a daughter at 8:34 a.m. London-time this morning and that all is well for mother and daughter. A name has yet to be announced, leaving royal watchers to place bets on the possibilities, with many wondering if this child will be named after the late Princess Diana.

While Queen Elizabeth is likely to strongly object to Diana being the littlest royals first name, it does seem pretty likely that Prince William will want to honor his beloved mother. He has reportedly grieved the fact that his mother will never have an opportunity to meet his wife and children, so a tribute to her seems fairly reasonable. According to current bets, Royalists seem to believe that the child will be named Alice, with Charlotte, Alexandra, Victoria and Elizabeth also in strong contention.

Whatever her name, Middleton's new daughter will be fourth in line to the throne, behind, Prince Charles, William and her big brother, Prince George. There is a bit of speculation that Middleton might actually leave the hospital much later today so that she can get back to her toddler son.  No doubt this is one of those stories that will be followed closely all weekend long. Everyone likes a real-life fairytale and in many ways, Middleton and William seem about as close to a modern one as it gets! What do you think that the new princess will be named? Will the queen allow the late Princess Diana to be honored? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!