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Prince Philip, Duke Of Edinburgh

Prince Philip, 96, Admitted To Hospital For Hip Surgery On April 3

Buzz 13:14PM EDT

The Buckingham Palace released an official statement on Tuesday, April 3, revealing that Prince Philip was admitted into a hospital. The Duke was reportedly gearing up for a surgery on his hip.READ MORE

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Queen Elizabeth and Concerts: The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, One Direction and More

Buzz 15:25PM EDT

Fifty years ago on this date, The Beatles debuted its new film, Help!, in London and there was a very big name in the crowd at the debut: Queen Elizabeth II. This constituted arguably the greatest gathering of famous British-folk in the last century, while also demonstrating that the monarch was more than happy to take in popular entertainment along with her constituents (a fan site for the Royal Family notes that she has considerably more "lowbrow" taste than her husband, Prince Philip). If you need more proof of the Queen's enjoyment of popular music, here are some more instances from recent (and not so recent) years.READ MORE

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Will Kate Middleton Name New Daughter After Princess Diana?

Off-Key 20:36PM EDT

Didn't it seem like Kate Middleton was pregnant forever this time around? It's probably because we all spent six months speculating on whether or not she was pregnant again before she actually did conceive her second child. We now know that Middleton safely delivered a daughter at 8:34 a.m. London-time this morning and that all is well for mother and daughter. A name has yet to be announced, leaving royal watchers to place bets on the possibilities, with many wondering if this child will be named after Princess Diana.READ MORE

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Kate Middleton Does Not Know Gender of Second Child - Insiders Confirm

Off-Key 12:49PM EDT

As Kate Middleton's due date with baby number two quickly approaches, royal watchers are on edge and news crews are no doubt gearing up to station themselves outside of Kensington Palace for days on end. Some details are being confirmed by the palace, such as the fact that Middleton's official due date is April 25 and she will once again deliver at St. Mary's Hospital in London. We also know that Prince William is scheduled to work right up until Middleton goes into labor and so there's a chance that he will have to drive a few hours to join her at the hospital. But what about the gender of baby number two? Is it a girl, as has been widely speculated?READ MORE

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Prince Harry and Former Love Cressida Bonas Spotted Together in London

Off-Key 11:53AM EDT

Prince Harry and former love, Cressida Bonas raised some eyebrows earlier this week when they were spotted together in London. The couple dated for two years and split for good in September 2014 when Bonas was said to have gotten cold feet about marrying into the royal family. Both have since opted to focus primarily on work, with Bonas hoping that her acting career will eventually take off. Prince Harry was on hand to support her on March 25 as she took to the London stage, igniting rumors of a possible reconciliation.READ MORE

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Kate Middleton Makes Final Appearance as Due Date of Rumored Baby Girl Approaches

Off-Key 17:33PM EDT

Today marked Kate Middleton's last round of public appearances until after she delivers royal baby number two next month. The duchess is estimated to be about 37 weeks pregnant and she made three separate stops with her husband today before finally getting to take a breather from royal appearances for the next couple of months.READ MORE

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Kate Middleton Confirms Second Baby Is Due in Mid-April

Off-Key 09:43AM EDT

Kate Middleton's second pregnancy seems to have flown by, doesn't it? Wasn't it just yesterday that we were discussing her horrid morning sickness and how she was canceling numerous appearances because of it? The duchess is long past that part of her pregnancy and actually creeping into her final weeks. While we have heard she is due in late spring, there was never any idea of a due date given by the royals themselves until Middleton made an appearance yesterday, March 18. She has cionfirmed that she is due in mid-April.READ MORE

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Next Up for Kate Middleton: A Visit to 'Downton Abbey' Set

Off-Key 10:48AM EDT

Kate Middleton is about six weeks away from delivering her second bundle of joy, and it sounds like her handlers decided to let her have a bit of fun. After several months of royal engagements, charity events and traveling while pregnant, the duchess is going to visit the set of one of her favorite television shows. Kensington Palace announced this morning that she will be visiting the set of 'Downton Abbey' next week.READ MORE

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Kate Middleton Would Love To Deliver Her Second Child at Home

Off-Key 14:08PM EDT

Kate Middleton and Prince William have always maintained that in spite of the royal titles and mountain of cash, they really are just like any normal, young married couple. Before becoming a mother Middleton was often spotted out running her own errands and grocery shopping in sweats. Slowly but surely they have convinced Queen Elizabeth to modernize the monarchy a little bit but the one thing that she's not budging on is the treatment of potential royal heirs. Once again Middleton is foregoing a home delivery in favor of having another child at St. Mary's Hospital.READ MORE

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Kate Middleton Is Reportedly Expecting a Girl Who Will Be Named 'Diana'

Off-Key 13:00PM EDT

We have not heard too much about Kate Middleton in the last several weeks, have we? We do know that she recently returned from the yearly vacation her entire family takes to Mustique and will be heading back to work in a few days. Several sources are also reporting that Middleton has been busy decorating the nursery for her first daughter, whose arrival is expected in April. Not only is she reportedly expecting a girl, but she and her husband will probably name her "Diana."READ MORE

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Queen Elizabeth II Is Mortified by Allegations of Prince Andrew's 'Sex Slave' Teenager

Off-Key 15:24PM EDT

The royal family's PR machine is working overtime to try and categorically shoot down the claims of a woman who insists she was a "sex slave" to Prince Andrew more than a decade ago when she was still a teenager. The allegations were made as part of a civil suit against already-convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who was once one of the Duke of York's best friends. Andrew cut his holiday on the ski slopes short in order to return to Buckingham Palace to face Queen Elizabeth II Sunday, Jan. 4. The royal family has now issued a few statements, emphatically denying the claims that Virginia Roberts has made against Andrew, and even his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson has spoken out on his behalf, but this scandal does not seem like it is going away anytime soon. While Elizabeth is and always has been as strong and stoic as it gets, her health is failing and she has heart issues that do not need to be compounded by this sort of stress. According to a report by Radar Online, she is mortified that her favorite son is being accused of such impropriety. No matter what the real truth is, Andrew is unlikely to face any type of criminal punishment because he is protected under a deal that Epstein took when dealing with the government. That does not mean he will escape the wreckage of this kind of scandal unscathed, though.READ MORE

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Kate Middleton Making Country House in Anmer Hall Her Main Residence

Off-Key 11:21AM EDT

When Kate Middleton and Prince William settled into their new apartment at Kensington Palace in September 2013, they had hoped that having their young family based in London would be the best move possible. Instead, it has made them fair game for every member of the royal family who feels like stopping in, and it also has meant that Middleton has been too close to her built-in nemesis Camilla Parker-Bowles. Several months ago, the couple began renovating their country home at Anmer Hall with the intention of making it their primary residence. Rather than having her parenting style under Queen Elizabeth II's daily microscope, Middleton deciding that raising little Prince George in the country with more freedom was in his best interest. Once it was confirmed that the couple was expecting baby No. 2, the need to distance themselves from the chaos of city life became even greater. According to a new report by "People" magazine, Middleton is fully expected to make Anmer Hall her primary residence with her children. While William will certainly be with his young family the majority of the time, he will also likely be stationed out of Kensington Palace for the sake of the family business. Middleton and her brother and sister had a great childhood in the country, and the duchess seems to be determined to give her children a similar kind of upbringing as the one her parents gave her.READ MORE

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A Rash in Bets Made Bookmakers Think that Queen Elizabeth May Abdicate the Throne on Christmas Day

Off-Key 12:55PM EDT

Where there is smoke, there is usually fire. At least, that is the thinking that prompted a popular British bookmaker to suspend betting on the notion that Queen Elizabeth II will announce that she is abdicating the throne during her Christmas Day speech. Apparently, a rash of bets were rolling in, leading Coral to initially offer odds of 10-1 that Elizabeth was about to hand over power. Then they suspected that maybe a tip had come from Buckingham Palace, leading to the sudden spike, and so they suspended betting altogether. As for whether or not Elizabeth actually is ready to shift power over to either Prince Charles or Prince William, sources say it is not happening. The queen signed on for a lifetime of serving the British people, and that is how she intends to spend her final days right to the end. While it is the palace's official policy not to comment on anything connected to bookmakers, it is worth noting that Elizabeth has never addressed any kind of personal matters during her Christmas Day message and this year's has already been recorded. Queen Elizabeth's health has been failing for the last few years, but no serious diagnosis has ever been made public. We simply have heard that old age is causing her body to slow down, but in day-to-day life the queen is still quite hands-on with the family business. Given that fact, it makes sense that she would be more inclined to hang on to power until her last breath.READ MORE

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Is Kate Middleton Expecting a Little Princess Next April?

Off-Key 15:21PM EDT

The beginning of Kate Middleton's second pregnancy was sure rough, as Prince William's wife battled even worse morning sickness than what she endured while carrying Prince George two years ago. Nearly three months of royal appearances were systematically canceled until the duchess was finally back on her feet again and already she is nearly halfway through her pregnancy. Rumor has it that this time around Middleton wanted to know the gender of her baby and she is thrilled to be having a daughter. Middleton and Prince William had originally said they wanted to have three children within about five years so their kids could really bond while young and grow up together. When Middleton delivers this child in April, she will technically have two kids under 2, as George's second birthday is not until July. It looks like the couple's family plan is right on track and, according to Hollywood Life, even Queen Elizabeth II is hoping that the news is correct and that this baby is a girl.READ MORE

Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles - Getty Images

Kate Middleton Suffers Through Remembrance Sunday Appearance Beside Her Enemy, Camilla Parker-Bowles

Off-Key 09:56AM EDT

Now here is something that we have not seen in a while: an appearance with Kate Middleton and Camilla Parker-Bowles in attendance! Clearly, there is absolutely no love lost between these two, and the awkwardness between them as they solemnly stood together for Remembrance Sunday was palpable. Middleton must be feeling a lot better because otherwise that nasty morning sickness would have been a great excuse to avoid this public appearance. Instead, the duchess pulled out her new Alexander McQueen coat, put on her hat and suffered through the event beside her enemy. The rivalry between Middleton and Parker-Bowles is epic and it is basically because Prince William's wife is everything Parker-Bowles will never be. While Middleton was born a commoner, she has been easily accepted into the royal family, but Parker-Bowles's 30-year fling with Prince Charles sat so badly with Queen Elizabeth that even after they finally married her presence is something still barely tolerated by the royals.READ MORE

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