First, Adam Lambert took fans to "Ghost Town" and now he's heading "Underground." Today (May 15), the American Idol alumnus continued to tease the release of his new album The Original High by releasing his haunting ballad "Underground."

Whereas "Ghost Town" arrived straight out of the dance world, with a drop that just begs to be played at the clubs, "Underground" finds Lambert in more passionate territory. A piano intro and the faint scratch of a record playing is the only accompaniment to Lambert's vocal for the first 30 seconds, setting up the emotional rollercoaster which is perfectly accented by Lambert's crawling, haunting vocal performance.

"I'm hooked and can't cut you off / My blood, I'm going to say it now / I want you, I need you / I want you to take me underground," he sings in the chorus, backed by marching band style drums and an ominous strike of the synth keyboard. The song is reminiscent of Nick Jonas' solo work, bringing together creeping R&B bones with soulful and poppy vocals.

The power of "Ghost Town" remains in this new track, but the tone is totally different, teasing a dynamic new album for Lambert. His last record, Trespassing was released in 2012.

Listen to Adam Lambert's new track "Underground" below:

"Underground" is the second single to be released from Lambert's new album The Original High and follows the release of "Ghost Town." The Original High will be released on June 16.

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