Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, is known for his banter on social media. Whether it is putting other artists on blast or having friendly conversations with his fans, the "Strobe" producer can be reached relatively easily on Twitter. In the past, Zimmerman has also used social media to find promising new talent. Recently, he reached out to Monstercat Records signee Grabbitz about a vocal edit that the Buffalo, New York native made for deadmau5's while 1<2 track "Silent Picture." The collaboration started soon after and deadmau5 has previewed what the pair have been working on over the past few weeks.

The new collaboration features the vocals originally found on Grabbitz's vocal edit of "Silent Picture," with a new, re-imagined instrumental. It is less than one minute and 30 seconds, but we still get a sense of how this song is building and where it may end up. The instrumental sounds quite different from the original track found on his recent album, so it could be something totally new. Stream it below.

This is not the first time mau5 has found a vocalist on social media. The singer on his 2012 hit single, "The Veldt," UK vocalist Chris James, came to deadmau5's attention through social media during a Ustream session.

You may be able to hear this collaboration sometime soon in full when deadmau5 starts the festival circuit this summer. He will be hitting events worldwide at festivals like Bonnaroo, Governors Ball, Veld, Summer Set, Reading and Glastonbury among others.

We will keep you posted on any updates as this song progresses to the finish line.

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