Lil Wayne and G-Eazy have hopped on the remix for ILoveMakonnen and Carnage's spring single "I Like Tuh." The two rappers add their own verses in place of Makonnen's, while managing to rap over Carnage's wonky production with its high-pitched synths.

The track was premiered earlier today on Power 106 in Los Angeles as Makonnen and Carnage try and make "I Like Tuh" cross over into the hip-hop space.

Lil Wayne eases fans into the track with his own woozy verse as he keeps with the theme of drugs and money.

My flowers made in California, that's for paranoia
I ash it on you, getting head like some castor oil
I'm casting over to the bread to the cash, I'm loyal
The pastor close the casket on you, now I'm dancing on you

Makonnen's second joins to rap his own verse and on the hook, before passing off the bridge to Weezy. G-Eazy comes in to finish off the track with his own flow that glides over Carnage's production.

This sh*t is bonkers, high like the copters
Slam princesses, man he comes and he conquers
Then he's moving onwards, groupies after concerts
Looking for the smart ones cause the brain is better on nerds

Makonnen's strong suit, the hook, is what made the original and luckily that is what is kept intact. Listen to the track below.

The track originally raised a few eyebrows when it was released as the pairing of festival trap DJ Carnage and pop-hip-hop crossover act ILoveMakonnen. However working together came rather easily to them.

"We finally ended up in the same place at the same time, booked a room at Daddy's House in NYC, and voilà," Carnage told BuzzFeed Music. "Everything came together in under an hour."

"I've been a fan of Makonnen's since stumbling upon his classic early YouTube videos. He has a natural knack for melody, it just took a while for people to catch up to him."