The Black Keys frontman Dan Auerbach is taking a short break from the guitar drum duo filling stadiums world-wide to explore yet another facet of the blues on the debut album, Yours Dreamily, from his new side project The Arcs. You can listen to the album in full on NPR's First Listen.

Since the early days of The Black Keys upbringing in Akron, Ohio, the duo fronted by Auerbach and held down by drummer Patrick Carney has always explored the farthest reaches of the blues. They started with fuzz blues riffs and miraculously graduated to stadium level, chart-topping fame with their albums Brothers and El Camino. But as the fame never seemed to go to their heads, they came back with the expansive psychedelic Turn Blue last year.

Now, Auerbach is looking to expand again, this time outside of the confines of The Black Keys label. The Arcs take the blues traditions manipulated by Auerbach many times over and this time, wrap it all up in R&B and soul music.

"Stay In My Corner," the first single from the album, is a perfect example of the shift in sound. The band is bigger utilizing key backup singers and a heavier bass in the mix before Auerbach flips the song on its head and roars in with a short and simple guitar solo.

Throughout the album, his incredible falsetto shines through. It's a skill he's really always had, but never seemed confident in until Turn Blue. On Yours Dreamily, it's a weapon frequently whipped out for the right occasion.

As NPR points out, this is largely a breakup album as Auerbach is still recovering from an ugly and largely public divorce that became the subject matter of Turn Blue. Those themes are largely present on songs such as "Everything You Do," "Cold Companion" and "Chains of Love," which don't need much reading past the title to get to the sense of heartbreak he's evoking.

Auerbach recorded this album in between projects and tours with The Black Keys as well as his production work in the past year for artists such as Lana Del Rey, Dr. John and Ray LaMontagne. The Black Keys had to cancel several tour dates due to a shoulder injury incurred by Carney, so it's unclear at this time if there will be many tour dates with this side project or any at all. Stay posted for updates. Listen to the album below as well as a live performance for The Village.