It's a question that is on everyone's mind, when will Selena Gomez finally be sick of her ex Justin Bieber? She seemingly the "What Do You Mean?" singer in the lyrics of her new Revival single "Same Old Love." But the track's new music video, which debuted Tuesday (Sept. 22) on Apple Music, has nothing to do with Bieber and rather focuses on people that she doesn't know at all.

The music video for "Same Old Love" opens with a sultry Gomez sashaying towards the door of a fancy hotel and entering the black car that will drive her to the night's gig. In true heartbreak fashion, it is raining and she stares through all the droplets on the window at all of the relationships around her and not her own. We see a mother and son sharing a tender moment in a car, a couple holding each other on a train, two people yelling at each other in one of the passing cars and one couple passionately kissing on the street outside of a fast food restaurant, no Bieber stand-in.

Gomez goes into a club and slides through the sea of dancing bodies and fans that wave to her. Her management searches the car at the theatre after she has exited but do not find Gomez, because she has already broken into the crowd -and off on her own- seeming to have wanted that experience. Walking around the city, Gomez watches a gay couple with a baby through their window and has a touching moment where she views a daughter gazing into a fish tank close to her sleeping father.

She eventually makes it to the Palace Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, where she recently hosted an event centered around her new album Revival set to drop early next month (Oct. 9). Inspired by the people she has seen that night, she channels the heartbroken energy into a performance and finishes the song onstage to a screaming crowd.

"Same Old Love" follows her last single "Good for You," which featured A$AP Rocky.