February 21, 2018 / 5:32 PM

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Ariana Grande, Chris Brown duet 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' postponed after Brown returns to jail


Chris Brown's return to jail after misbehaving in rehab has an impact beyond just his own life and music (of course). His highly anticipated duet with Yours Truly songstress Ariana Grande has officially been pushed back.

Last week, after Brown initially returned to jail, Grande announced on her official Twitter that she wasn't sure whether or not the song would be delayed and that she had gotten phone calls both ways. However, the Brown controversy seemingly proved to be too much, and "Don't Be Gone Too Long" won't be seeing the light of day for the time being, Grande's manager Scooter Braun announced.

"For those asking about the @ArianaGrande duet things got moved around and we are moving the duet back... that being said... For those wanting to know when the new single fro @ArianaGrande is coming....this spring. Aka #soon :) #verysoon," Brown vaguely and ominously announced.

Before, it seemed as though "Don't Be Gone Too Long" was due to drop any time, with Grande announcing on March 16 that a countdown was due to start the following day.

But, that's no longer the case. "Just to clarify... unfortunately 'Don't Be Gone Too Long' us delayed for real this time but (to be continued next tweet....) now you'll be getting my 1st single off my new album sooner. Dbgtl will come out just a little later than expected thank u for understanding," Grande tweeted in a series of messages.

Thus, the news is a mixed blessing for Grande's uber-dedicated Arianator fanbase.

However, the news of the first single from her second album ("soon") follows her messages earlier this year that she was in the studio working on the follow up to Yours Truly, which dropped just last August.

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