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WATCH: Coldplay release airy 'Magic' music video, featuring plenty of knives

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Apr 07, 2014 12:10 PM EDT

Chris Martin floats away in Coldplay's "Magic" music video (Photo : YouTube)

Coldplay frontman Chris Martin is looking to do a little "Magic" of his own in the band's new music video. Today (April 7), the English arena rockers released the official new clip for its lead Ghost Stories single "Magic."

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Playing off the single's title, the "Magic" music video features Martin at an old-timey fair alongside Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress Zhang Ziyi. The silent film-inspired music video starts off with Martin at Ziyi's willing assistant, spinning on a giant wheel as she hurls knives at him in a classic carnival trick.

Though he's just a lowly assistant at the start of the clip, Martin looks to build up his status on the circuit, and practices little tricks, which eventually lead to him finding his ability to make things float.

As Martin explores his new ability, practicing until he can levitate on his own, a darker side of Ziyi's life emerges. It turns out, her mustachioed husband/carnival owner (also played by Martin) is abusing her, leaving noticeable bruises on her arms and legs and assaulting her several times during the video.

As the good guy Martin and Ziyi fall in love, eventually all their problems float away... it's a good time old time video fitting for the "Magic" first single.

Watch the new Coldplay video below:

"Magic" is the lead single from Coldplay's upcoming sixth studio album Ghost Stories. That record is set to hit stores on May 19.

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