Adele's long anticipated comeback album 25 has been a force in music to say the least, breaking every Nielsen record in music. She has also made an appearance on Saturday Night Live in order to promote the album, as well as hitting the late night circuit for live performances of her new music from the album, including hits "Hello" and "When We Were Young." But in a new interview Adele talks what actually inspired her monstrous comeback, eclectic UK singer Kate Bush's comeback, and in a strange twist she notes being a mother.

"Her whole show was about before her parenthood and then being a parent, and her kid was in it. I read somewhere, and I don't know if it's true or not, that her son said when he was 16, 'I want to know now why everyone loves you.' And it makes me so emotional," Adele said to The New York Times.

She continued with, "After that show, it was: 'I don't want to wait. I don't want to wait till my kid is 16, I want to show him now.' After that, I was: 'I don't care if no one wants me to make another record. I'm making one for myself.'"

Adele further said to publication, "The comebacks and stuff like that, that's what all the greatest artists of all time have done. It's the comeback, like the almighty comeback that's epic. People will always remember you and everything you've ever done if you can come back with something great."

And quite the comeback it is. Aside from breaking records, Adele is also being considered to headline Glastonbury festival in 2016. While Adele did express to NME that she has a fear of crowds, if the singer pulls it off it would potentially be a legendary performance. Martin Elbourne, who is in charge of booking the talent at Glastonbury revealed to Loaded that they are in the final stretch of setting Adele up to perform on the Pyramid stage. The singer also just announced her first tour in five years, a nice addition to her comeback in the music industry.

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