Who's your favorite streamer on Twitch? Do you think he/she/they are popular enough around the globe to make the top 10 lists of 2015 based on channel views and followers? Well, check out these lists below to see if you're watching one of the biggest gamers playing video games!

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If you're familiar with streamers and Twitch, you're most likely aware of the bigger names on the website. It's a community that is supported mainly by you- the viewers, followers, and subscribers - so you helped make these lists!

Here are the top 10 Twitch users of the year based on followers, according to Socialblade:

1. syndicate, 2,333,717

2. riotgames, 2,010,757

3. captainsparklez, 1,262,531

4. PhantomL0rd, 1,214,406

5. LIRIK, 1,213,377

6. esl_csgo, 1,209,727

7. summit1g, 1,203,161

8. sodapoppin, 1,127,971

9. Nightblue3 1,126,074

10. goldglove, 1,043,794

Here are the top 10 Twitch users of the year based on channel views, according to Socialblade:

1. riotgames, 781,519,982

2. starladder1, 291,558,347

3. beyondthesummit, 248,737,240

4. tsm_theoddone, 187,715,680

5. Tsm_dyrus, 154,944,085

6. garenatw, 136,922,737

7. smitegame, 128,365,507

8. nl_kripp, 122,004,075

9. esl_csgo, 120,554,925

10. Nightblue3, 118,849,042

Are you familiar with any of these channels? Are you surprised by any of these numbers, whether they are channel views or follows? Do you subscribe to any of these streamers' channels? Let us know in the comments section below!

Clearly, these lists update regularly since more views and followers take place all the time. Make sure to check back for updates if you're interested.

All of these follows and views can go to a good cause too! Check out Twitch's charity impact in 2015 right here:

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