Following the success of her pies and a hilarious viral video, Patti LaBelle has decided to add more delicious desserts to her Walmart brand. LaBelle just launched a cake line through the retail giant.

After the release of her pies caused retailers nationwide to sell out in record time, LaBelle and Walmart have announced that two cakes, a vanilla pound cake and a caramel cake, will be launched under the “Patti’s Good Life” brand. According to LaBelle, this is just the tip of the iceberg for a slew of food-related ventures she has up her sleeve.

“I have a hit pie,” LaBelle reportedly told BuzzFeed News. “I have other products that will do better now — the cakes, and more food coming out — because of the success of the pies.”

Just before Thanksgiving, LaBelle launched her sweet potato pies, but it was Internet sensation James Wright Chanel, who reviewed LaBelle’s line of sweet potato pies in a now viral video and sparked awareness to the dessert. In the video, Chanel proclaims that he “turned into Patti” while singing LaBelle’s songs and sampling a slice of her pie. Shortly after the video hit the Web, retailers nationwide struggled to keep up with demands.

“We haven’t had so much excitement since we relaunched Twinkies,” Kerry Robinson, vice president for bakery and deli at Walmart, said.

While the hot item was originally slated to be sold as a limited-time, one-off project, Walmart ultimately decided to bring the pies back. The pies will now be sold year-round.

“At the end of November, the pies were the most-requested item across all Walmart Wish Lists,” John Forrest Ales, director of corporate communications at Walmart, said.

Hopefully, LaBelle’s newly launched cakes can keep up with the momentum.


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