On the helm of his Blackout Tour, slated to kick off tomorrow (Jan. 28), Brantley Gilbert is taking his next album in stride, as his album Just As I Am did extremely well chart-wise. Singles "Bottoms Up," "Small Town Throwdown," "One Hell of an Amen" and "Stone Cold Sober" were a great success for Gilbert, and he is considering releasing a fifth single to add to them. In a new interview, Gilbert shares he thoughts on not rushing his follow-up album to 2014's Just As I Am. 

"I've got to go with a gut feeling, and I don't have it yet," Gilbert said to Billboard. "There's still a couple gaps we need to fill. I think we've got a record with the songs we have, but I want an album. I don't want to release a CD; I want to release the real deal, so we're just gonna take our time. I've learned from past experience that any time I've tried to put a time stamp on it I end up shooting myself in the foot and I wind up writing three songs the day before it's supposed to come out."

Gilbert further said, "So we end up releasing a gold edition and then a platinum edition and you end up with a record that has almost 20 songs on it. We're just being patient right now and diligent at the same time, writing every chance I get and writing with a purpose, and when I know I've got it, it'll come out."

Gilbert also recently collaborated with Brad Paisley and Justin Moore for "Born To Boogie," which serves as the end to the recently released album, It's About Time by Hank Williams Jr.

The country singer shares a strong bond with wife Amber Cochran and expressed in the interview that many songs on the upcoming album were written about her. The two had been on and off for a total of 10 years when Gilbert finally popped the question to his wife to be. To propose, Gilbert wrote a song addressed to her Dad entitled "Your Little Girl" and sang it to her. He also designed her ring so that she could have a piece of him while he is on the road.

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