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Skrillex, Chance The Rapper Hundred Waters 'Show Me Love' Remix Released

by Ryan Middleton   Mar 22, 2016 13:27 PM EDT

The star-studded official remix for the remix of Hundred Waters' 2014 track "Show Me Love" has at last been released. The remix features the two big artists on the track, Skrillex and Chance The Rapper, plus two more names, Robin Hannibal, who provides additional arrangement and Moses Sumney. The track also comes with an official video of the various collaborators having a good time in Los Angeles.

The remix builds on the feel-good original from Hundred Waters, as Skrillex and Robin Hannibal add their own spin on the instrumental, while Chance The Rapper and Moses Sumney deliver on the positive message of love in the song.

"It's all about love and positivity, what this world really needs right now," says Skrillex in a statement. "I want to thank all of the artists in the world going out of their way to make people's lives better and happier through creating and sharing their art."

"This song was literally a journal entry I wrote to myself a few years ago, so seeing it become something bigger in the context of everyone involved was really special," says Hundred Waters.

The song was first premiered in a Mija live set last December. She fittingly has a place in the video. It was then given its radio premiere yesterday with Annie Mac on BBC Radio 1.

The video was shot over Thanksgiving week with the whole cast involved hanging out in the Los Angeles area spending time by the water, in shops and in parking lots.

To go with the message of love, the song is being released through Loveback a platform that connects fans directly to creators. For this remix, fans will be able to directly support Hundred Waters' FORM Arcosanti, a free multi-day camping, music and arts festival in Arizona each May. By donating, fans will get a copy of the song and will be entered for a spot to the festival.

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