February 23, 2018 / 9:02 AM

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Flume Releases New 'Skin' Song "Wall F*ck," Album Release Date


Flume fans have been a patient bunch waiting on new music from the Australian producer who went from local hero to international star in just a few short years. He is sharing more good news with those closest to him by giving away a new song from his upcoming album Skin titled "Wall F*ck." Perhaps more importantly, the "Never Be Like You" DJ has also shared the release date for Skin.

"Wall F*ck" feels like an intro or outro for Skin. The barebones, skeletal track has an unfinished and experimental feel to it that sits in a different lane from some of his other more polished vocal efforts alongside Kai and Vince Staples.

The song makes excellent use of vocal chops to help carry the repetitive melody that feels like it gets stuck in a tape recorder at times, before heading off a cliff into a dark, abyss of heavily reverbed bass and pitched percussion.

It is one of the more experimental songs we have heard from Flume in a long time and would indicate a scatterplot of different tracks on Skin, though until the album is released, we won't know.

The song was released in Flume's newsletter as a free download. To go along with the track, he shared the following statement, giving fans an update on what he has been up to recently.

"hey hey, I'm in LA this weekend preparing for some shows at Coachella. I wanted to give you this news before anyone since you've been signed up for the Flume newsletter for a while. Skin will be out May 27. Here's a free download of a track off of the album."

Skin will be released on May 27. Stream "Wall F*ck" below and pick up a free copy here.

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