Teyana Taylor's recent appearance on the Wendy Williams talk show may have re-opened some old wounds and bad feelings toward ex-boyfriend Brandon Jennings and best friend Tae Heckard, who were allegedly hooking up behind the singer's back and now have a baby together.

Most people who quote the saying "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" have more than likely been betrayed by someone they once called a friend, as is the case with "Put Your Love On" singer Taylor, who exposed some emotional pain involving her ex and former best friend on The Wendy Williams Show.

"There are a lot of dumb girls who would forgive the friend and stay with..." Williams boldly pointed out after revealing to the audience Taylor's betrayal.

"She had a best friend who slept with her man, ok," Williams revealed.

Though the Taylor and Williams never revealed the name of "the friend" during the interview, multiple sources have confirmed, BET's The Game actress Tae Heckard is the woman in question.

Heckard also starred in Keyshia's Cole's 2012 "Trust And Believe" music video, where ironically, she portrayed the best friend who was sleeping with Cole's man behind her back.

IB Times revealed a different account of what happened between Jennings and Heckard. According to Jennings, he and Taylor were definitely not together when he began dating her.

Though there's always two sides to every story, as proven in this situation, one fact has never been up for debate from either side.
Taylor and Heckard were indeed friends at some point prior to the growing romance between the Knick's player and actress.

According to Taylor, that friendship is a done deal.

"I ain't seen her since" she answered on The Wendy Williams Show when speaking about Heckard.

Jennings and Heckard must've caught an earful about the interview which prompted them both to respond on Twitter with some indirect messages to Taylor, as reported by BET.

Heckard's tweet suggested there's more details to this story but no seems to ask what should be asked.

Despite past drama, Taylor has embraced new love with Iman Shupert and new baby "Junie." She's also basking in the success of being featured on Kanye West's "Fade," and having her extremely toned body become such a trending topic.