Kaskade and deadmau5 have without much warning released their new collaboration "Beneath With Me" featuring Skylar Grey. In addition to the new song that has gone through many different iterations, they have unveiled a haunting music video.

The song features the soothing vocals of Skylar Grey, who worked with Kaskade on his song "Room For Happiness." Her soft voice is a constant, calming presence throughout the track.

The song starts out with warm chords and synths that one would find in a deadmau5 track before it suddenly crescendos into a dark, barreling drop with rumbling bass and percussion. It isn't too heavy, but fits into both artist's DJ sets. The song then eases its way to the finish with variations in the melody as the drop comes in once again.

This is the third time deadmau5 and Kaskade have made a song together. They first collaborated in 2008 on "Move For Me" and the following year they released arguably one of each artists' strongest tracks ever, "I Remember."

The process of making this song has been a long one. They have gone back and forth a lot on social media, trading public files and sharing progress with fans. News went quiet for over a year until a new version popped up over a few months ago, but nothing came of it until now. Judging by deadmau5's reaction, he did not know the song was going to be released today.

The music video is one slow developing shot of a bad car crash. It focuses on a bloody woman struggling to make her way out of the overturned car, while her partner is off in the distance apparently not moving. She gets up and moves toward a light, but there is a twist.

Watch the video below and pick up a copy of the track here.