Deadmau5, real name Joel Zimmerman, never quite goes away completely in between album cycles with various statements and music snippets that emerge from his long studio sessions. Now the "Strobe" producer is ready to release a full project, a new album. The new LP is titled W:/2016ALBUM (pronounced "W Drive 2016 Album), referring to the location on his network access server. In addition to the album title, he also shared the release date and the first single "4ware."

Speaking to Pete Tong before the song premiere, Zimmerman, explained how this album is going to be different from his past LPs. He pinpointed one sonic difference, saying he got inspired to include sounds from the 1980s as a result of a new piece of hardware.

"There's a 80s sci-fi fantasy vibe to some of the melodies," he explains. "I think that's due to my purchase of a Prophet 10 [synthesizer]."

After the brief chat, he premieres his new song, "4ware," a lush new instrumental track that deadmau5 fans will love.

It has the steady, sturdy bass line you expect in a deadmau5 track with oscillating synth chords that slowly ebb and flow throughout the track. The 1980s sci-fi fantasy influence can be heard in a topline that appears throughout the single at its most beautiful moments. It is an added wrinkle that makes this stand out from other mau5 songs.

In addition to the new album, there will be a tour to coincide with the album and a special new cube, reminiscent of the one he famously used for several years that will be revealed in December. W:/2016ALBUM/ will be released on Dec. 2. It will be his first album in two years.

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