Mark Zuckerberg likes to post a variety of things on his Facebook from various pictures of dogs to live discussions with others at Facebook or in the tech community. As the founder of Facebook he is not in the trenches as much as he once was, but he just unveiled a new A.I. (artificial intelligence) assistant for his smart home that can do a lot of things, but has one very notable trait. It has a good taste in music and will never play any Nickleback.

In a new demo posted by Zuckerberg, he asks Jarvis to play some good Nickleback songs. The A.I. spits back the savage response in Freeman's silky smooth voice, "I'm sorry Mark, I'm afraid I can't do that. There are no good Nickleback songs." A five second clip of "Savage Mode" should really follow that up every time.

This isn't the only thing we know about what Jarvis will play for Zuckerberg. According to a note that Zuckerberg posted a few days ago, he also wants Jarvis to play Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Beyond revealing small pieces of Zuckerberg's taste in music, the assistant has "simple artificial intelligence" that helps out with menial tasks around the house. It connects to electronic devices in the house such as a toaster to make some toast, sets up business calls, reminds him of daily tasks and even helps him dress with a tee shirt gun not unlike you would see at a sports arena.

There is no confirmation of if whether or not the Facebook founder is building some iron hoodie suits in his basement. However we can only assume something like that is in the works. 

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