Eric Prydz has released a new song "Lillo" in honor of a fan James Lillo who passed away earlier this month after a battle with cancer.

The new song captures the raw emotion you would expect from a song dedicated to someone and a cause that Eric Prydz has taken to heart. He builds a soaring melody with euphoric synths and cheery arps, all over crisp, well-mixed percussion. Outside of his albums, this could be the most important single of his career.

The story behind this song is both heart wrenching and hopeful at the same time. It involves a fan name James Lillo who was terminally ill with cancer. He was a huge Eric Prydz fan and wanted to see his favorite DJ one last time before he died. He wanted to go to EPIC 5.0, but did not think he would be alive in May, so Eric Prydz organized a show in Los Angeles at Sound Nightclub and sold tickets with all proceeds going to the Cancer Research Institute. Lillo tragically passed away before the two shows on Dec. 17 and 18, but over $60,000 was raised in his honor.

This has been the biggest year of Eric Prydz's career thus far. He released his double CD LP, Opus in February, toured with his most advanced production set up to date for EPIC 4.0 and released a slew of other productions under his Cirez D and Pryda monikers.

"Lillo" is available to download now on Beatport. All proceeds from the song will go to the Cancer Research Institute. You can also still donate to the Cancer Research Institute in James Lillo's name here.

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