Skrillex seems to never take a break. He is always on the road or making music or doing a bit of both. The Grammy-award winning DJ and producer released a recap of his massive world tour in 2016 with cameos by the likes of Rick Ross, Dillon Francis, Chance The Rapper,  and many others.

Titled, The Same Place, the video has editing that is as frenetic as the life that Skrillex seems to lead. There is live footage from festivals and shows in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and elsewhere.

He also spends plenty of time walking, on yachts, in helicopters and on places, cruising around picturesque places as a tourist like the islands around Spain and in Asia.

Viewers get to see Skrillex making music while he is on the road as well and jamming out with some of his friends during an impromptu session in Brazil.

One of the more notable moments is a part of his keynote speech at a Bridges for Music event in South Africa where he talked about his unconventional rise to stardom. He makes the point anybody can make music if they are having fun and are passionate about it.

"Maybe there's no science in what it takes to be called a musician because this wasn't called music a couple years ago The first time I went to the Grammys, people were still like 'Why is this guy at the Grammys? He's not making music.' Make music for the 16 year old inside yourself, even when you're 50 years old," he remarked.

"F*ck the craft. Everyone can learn how to do this sh*t. Cultivate your own thing, stick together, and just do that. Have some fun -- make some music. If it's fun - that's all that matters...I'm having fun. I'm in the same room you're all sitting in right now. I'm in the same place you guys are."

The video also includes some new music, including a new song from Skrillex. Jas Davis filmed the video and edited it with Winterhalter

1. Testament - Demonic Refusal
2. ID - Skrillex
3. Purple Lamborghini - Skrillex & Rick Ross
4. Staggered in Lies - Sacri Monti
5. Stephan Bodzin - Zulu (Synthapella)
6. Waiting - RL Grime, What So Not, Skrillex
7. Kyoto (VIP) - Skrillex

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