Pusha T is excited to release his new album King Push and promised that the Kanye West-produced EP is nothing short of perfection.

In a text exchange leaked by his longtime manager Steven Victor, the rapper made bold claims about the album

'King Push' Is Fire

Pusha T has been working on his third studio album since 2014, but the project delays happened repeatedly. It was only earlier this year when fans finally got the assurance that King Push is really ready to drop.

On Twitter, West confirmed that the eight-track new album would come out on May 25, Friday.

With only days before the release, Victor wanted to create an even bigger hype for the album by leaking a conversation with Pusha T who declared that King Push would be winning a Grammys.

Not much is known about the album, but West has previously unveiled the tentative tracklist of King Push and several other albums via a short video on Twitter.

As written on the whiteboard, the album will feature the tracks "If You Know U Know," "Sociopath," "Games We Play," 'Come Back Baby," "Infrared," "Hard Piano," "How Do You Respond," and "Santaria."

Working With Kanye West

In a previous interview, Pusha T revealed that he had to scrap and redo his earlier cut of King Push to please West.

"I done did this album like three times," he confessed. " [Kanye] will come in, he'll pick all the beats and shit, and then he'll hear the beats, and he scrap 'em and say, 'I can do better.'"

He also added that he and West worked on the album obsessively for two months to create its best version.

"These past two months, we've just been locking in — day for day, night for night — getting this album perfect for y'all," he promised.

King Push is not the only album that the self-confessed genius has produced this year. The father of three also announced that he has been working on the new albums of Nas and Teyana Taylor.

The controversial rapper is also set to release a seven-track follow-up to 2016's Life of Pablo and his upcoming collaboration with Kid Cudi titled Kids See Ghosts.