Billy Corgan denies that he is Taylor Swift's dad. The Smashing Pumpkins frontman slammed the rumors after a meme of the two of them went viral online.

One Instagram user posted a side-by-side photo of Corgan and Swift, and claimed that the two musicians look alike. After seeing the meme, Corgan said that he is in no way related to the "Red" singer. Corgan's lengthy post also went as far as tackling identity and personal mythos.

Corgan started his post by saying that the internet has become a place for even fake stories to be highlighted or given the same importance as real news. The singer also went on to trace his roots just to prove that he is not related to Swift. The singer's explanation did not end there. Corgan penned a follow-up post where he talked about himself more.

"So last thing for today, and it's something I told the NY Times (in a thought I believe that was not printed): - You can keep Billy Corgan, he is dead, and he's there for you to mock and use as you wish," concluded Corgan.

Billy Corgan's Interview

Earlier this month, Corgan also made headlines after he talked about his band and how Smashing Pumpkins decided to reunite after several years of going on hiatus.

"We went to a studio for three weeks to do demos, so I don't even really remember. There was so much music, and we worked so fast. We worked on 16 pieces of music over three weeks, so it's kind of a blur," said Corgan.

Jeff Schroeder Talks About 'Solara'

Smashing Pumpkins member Jeff Schroeder was also with Corgan during the interview this month. Schroeder explained why they released "Solara" as the coming back single for the band.

"I think we didn't over-intellectualize it and try to write a song that would reintroduce the band. I think that we just played, and I think certain characteristics that are strong points of the band came into play, and so I think that what you hear is very classic Pumpkins because that's kind of everybody doing their job and doing it well and it just works," said Schroeder.

"Solara" was released on June 8. The song will most likely be featured in Smashing Pumpkins' upcoming album. However, details are still being kept under wraps. The band's last compilation was released in 2012, and it is called Oceania.