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"Welcome to #Chromatica. Now dance motherfckers!!!!!!!" And that is how the Mother Monster, Lady Gaga announced the landing of her newest album on May 29. Her sixth studio album was set to be released on April 10 but had to wait due to the COVID-19 pandemic."Chromatica" is Lady Gaga's highly-anticipated comeback to her signature electro-artpop dance music. After more than a month of delay, the whole album was finally dropped, and the Little Monsters have not stopped partying from midnight. Even "Just Dance" singer-songwriter shared her moment of celebration at home:

In a recent interview with Zane Lowe of Apple Music Beat 1, Gaga shared that doing the album was not for herself "but to make it for the world." She revealed that the process of creating the record was a healing experience for her. The optimistic and affirming vibes of Gaga are reflected in the choice of the 16-track playlist. Lowe is right; Chromatica is "a reclaiming of the dancefloor."

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The first three singles released before the album's launch are danceable upbeat tracks that carry deep and meaningful themes. Towards the end of February, Gaga came out with "Stupid Love" hailed as the superstar's return to the electrifying artpop that made her legendary mark in music history. Last week, the highly anticipated collaboration "Rain On Me" with pop star Ariana Grande was dropped. Gaga told Lowe that recording the duet was a positive and joyful experience for both of them. The highly energetic song and futuristic glam music video fired up both the Little Monsters and Arianators all over the net. The track is currently No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes chart for seven days. The two ladies enacted as "The Chromatica Weather Girls" as they announced their prediction that it would be raining all summer. They showed two videos done in partnership with The Weather Channel.

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Watch "A Downpour in Chromatica" video here -

The day before the full album was out, Gaga released the second collaboration with the Kpop girl group, Blackpink, with the track "Sour Candy." The singer-songwriter with the four girls expressed how they should be accepted as they are, damaged or not. The funky song, interspersed with Korean lyrics, shows that they may appear hard on the outside but are actually soft and real inside. The fans of Blackpink, Blinks are clamoring for a music video.

The third collaboration is with Sir Elton John titled "Sine From Above." Speaking to Lowe, Gaga called him a mentor who helped on her road to recovery from her mental issues. She acknowledged how the flamboyant singer became instrumental to her self-acceptance, self-love, and self-care.

Another track from Chromatica is "Free Woman" which is a product from her personal experience of assault by a music producer. She felt the significance "to reference my gender." She further said the song celebrates the reality that she will not "define myself as a survivor or as a victim."

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