Little Monsters and Arianators unite! Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande just released on May 22, 12 am ET the much-awaited collaboration of the single "Rain On Me." The track is the second single to be featured in Lady Gaga's upcoming album "Chromatica." Listen to the audio now - 

The two superstars have been sharing teasers on their social media for the past week about their joint project. Gaga and Grande have exchanged messages and re-posted each others' promo. "Stupid Love" singer began to show a word teaser "YOU'RE MY FAVORITE" on May 1 on IG. About a week ago, she previewed posters of the two pop stars with Gaga on a lying pose while Ari is behind a crooked-shaped hole.

Earlier, Lady Gaga was interviewed virtually by Zane Lowe on Beats 1/Apple Music, where she discussed what "Chromatica" wanted to convey. Gaga's outfit in an all-pink ensemble, including her hair, with pointy pink neck garb and silver chains, was reminiscent of her "Bad Romance" art-pop days.

She described how her team decided to stop production of the album due to the "supervirus" as she called it and how she felt it was not proper to release it during the pandemic times.

Gaga, during the in-depth conversation, revealed the album was a "journey to her healing," admitting to her mental issues. She said she hopes to be an "inspiration to people who need healing" through dance and happiness.

With regards to the first-time joint work with Ari on "Rain On Me," she acknowledged the younger singer as one who also had her share of hardships. Gaga called their collaboration as a "true partnership." During the recording, she encouraged the "Thank U, Next" singer to forget everything she cared about and just sing. Gaga went on to share that she danced in front of her outside the cubicle. The "Poker Face" singer-songwriter revealed that Ari started to "do things in a voice that was different" from what she has done before.

The upbeat track showcased the pop stars' vocal range, and the lyrics reflected what both have gone through. "I'd rather be dry, but at least I'm alive/ Rain on Me" lyrics sounded like a battle cry amid the struggles they face. It is akin to saying "bring it on" but with a confident and victorious stand.

Lady Gaga shared that it was the production of the music video that their friendship began to blossom. Although she admitted that after the shooting, the "Born This Way" was "too ashamed to hang out with her" even when Ari was persistent in trying to communicate with Gaga. Oscar-winning singer-songwriter felt it was not right for her to extend her negativity to the young pop star. With Ari's persistent calls, the two started to create a more profound friendship. Grande's published her appreciation to Lady Gaga on Twitter -

Ariana Grande's IG post with Lady Gaga
(Photo : Twitter/@ArianaGrande)

The music video will drop later at 10 am PT/ 1 pm ET.

Lady Gaga updated her Little Monsters in early May that "Chromatica" will be out on May 29. The original release date was set on April 10.