Gaining its popularity since the early 2000s, Korean pop or K-pop for short has established its followers all over the world. Originating from South Korea in the '90s, the term generally refers to popular music within the country. It is often used to describe a modern form of South Korean pop music that has a varied influence on styles and genres around the world. No wonder K-pop albums can quickly become a hit.

Whether you are NCTzen, ReVeluv, EXO-L, or an Army, be sure you got these most wished K-pop albums you would not want to miss.

The War by EXO

The War: The Power of Music is the new title of the re-released album The War. It is the fourth album of the boyband EXO. Not only EXO-L but also comic lovers will enjoy this album as it comes handy with a comic book and photo cards.  

Before its official release, the album's tracklist was individually revealed through a series of teaser featuring one member of the group. The collection also marks the group's first release, not featuring one of its members for an indefinite leave.

The War
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You Made My Dawn by SEVENTEEN

Released in 2019, You Made My Day by boy group Seventeen debuted atop several musical charts and landed number four on the US Billboard World Album chart. Before release, the six-track album was included in Billboard's 10 Most Anticipated K-pop Albums of 2019. The 13-member group is divided into sub-unit based on their specialization. They are considered to be a self-producing group with its members actively involved in their performance and song production process. Carats who missed it will surely rejoice with the freebies included in the purchase. 

YOU MADE MY DAWN [Eternal Sunshine Ver.]
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Bad Boy by Red Velvet

Bad Boy is a single from the South Korean girl group Red Velvet. Describing a titular bad boy, the single is about a boy's relationship with a cold woman. It is an R&B song with a mixture of hip hop. Well-received by critics and fans overseas and in South Korea, the music video paved the way to the transition of the girl group to a sexy concept.

Bad Boy
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We Are Superhuman by NCT 127

This electro-pop record with R&B influence must have wowed the NCTzens as they saw the shift from experimental to the futuristic approach of the unit's performance. The genre-infusing record received a positive review for its catchy production value. It achieved both domestic and international commercial success as it is the group's fourth chart-topper album.

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Dark and Wild by BTS

The album is a debut studio release of the boy group BTS. It contains fourteen tracks with the Song 'Danger' as the lead single. On its music video, the group was featured wearing black performing sharp choreography in a subway tunnel. The album was launched before a countdown clock on the group's official website.

Dark and Wild
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