Despite releasing a shockingly solid new single "Heavy Metal and Reflective" earlier this month, it seems like Azealia Banks can't keep her focus on the music. In a new interview with I-D Magazine, the "212" rapper is back in familiar beef territory by dissing Iggy Azalea (again).

Questioning the "Fancy" rapper's authenticity, Banks went in for the kill in the interview, dissing Azalea's name and background.

"Where the f--k did you get that name from, b---h?" she asked about Azalea (who was born Amethyst Amelia Kelly). She then went on to describe what she thought was the real key to Azalea's success... her beauty. "[She's] some Australian girl who raps like a black girl. It's kind of silly. Whatever, people are feeling it. She's good-looking. I get it."

But the beef didn't stop there... joining the likes of Nicki Minaj (possibly) and other, saying Azalea wasn't authentic, and that's all you really need to gain her respect.

"Just be yourself, that's really what it is," Banks said. "I mean I get it: black women are the strongest, most confident women in the world. Of course you want to emulate us. I get that. But at the same time, listeners will appreciate it more in the long run if you are just yourself."

Also citing Kreayshawn as another wack rapper, Banks issue isn't with white people in the genre, she cited The Beastie Boys and Eminem as rappers who entered the game without making a "mockery" of anyone.

Of course, the newest installment in the Azealia Banks/Iggy Azalea beef isn't the first time Banks has called out someone in the rap game. Earlier this year, she got it in heavy with Azalea's mentor T.I. on Twitter, saying his wife Tiny was "mediocre."