Although Michael Jackson has been gone for more than a decade now, his star is far from fading. With equal parts musical legacy and controversy, the King of Pop remains one of the most important cultural figures of the 20th century.

Just recently, a new book was written about the King of Pop. Investigative journalist Dylan Howard claims to have unearthed a pile of "secret FBI files" in his new book "Bad: An Unprecedented Investigation into the Michael Jackson Cover-Up," Howard shows that the FBI has suspected Jackson of running a "trafficking operation."

Regardless of the controversies that have marred the icon's life, his contribution to music remains unassailable. To remember the singer-songwriter, here are four of the must-have Michael Jackson merch, only on Amazon, for fans of the King of Pop.

Michael Jackson The Early Years Limited Vinyl Record T-Shirt Collectible Box Set

Revisit Michael Jackson's early years, from his days as a member of Motown's most successful act. As the eighth Jackson child, he later joined his older brothers to form The Jackson 5. By January 1972, Michael has released his debut solo album "Got To Be There."

The Early Years

This limited edition Michael Jackson merch package includes a compilation album of his first two albums, the other being 1972's "Ben." First released in 2009, "The Early Years" is a bag of nostalgia for fans of the King of Pop. Own this iconic yellow pressed vinyl record in its blue-and-yellow gatefold sleeve. Moreover, get this on Amazon to own this limited-edition young Michael Jackson T-shirt.

Michael Jackson poster Smooth Criminal pop gifts

If you're looking for memorabilia to give to a certified MJ fan or yourself, Canvas Wall Crafts has the perfect item for you. This Michael Jackson merch features the King in his "Smooth Criminal" persona. At 7.5 by 11 inches, this retro poster is perfect for almost everywhere.

Smooth Criminal poster

This Smooth Criminal poster is made from canvas, which also makes it perfect as a framed work. With matte ink used to print the design, enjoy a high-quality design with vivid colors. Order yours from Amazon and make sure that the product gets to you safely. The artwork is in a rigid protective tube, with the whole package shipped in bubble wrap.

Michael Jackson Hardcover

In the Hollywood version of the kids' favorite "Where's Waldo," you get to find the one and only King of Pop among an assortment of characters. Aside from MJ, there are also other guest celebrities for you to check out.

Where's Michael Jackson

Find the one and only King of Pop in this fun Michael Jackson merch from Igloo Books. Go through the cartoon versions of iconic Hollywood locations such as Westlake Studios. Other pages include sets and locations inspired by Jackson's works like the "Thriller" park, the "Beat It" Diner, and the Neverland Ranch.

Michael Jackson Silver Glove Child

Some fans are happy to listen to his songs while some of them prefer having memorabilia. Some fans, however, would love to see the King of Pop almost in person - by having their kids cosplay as MJ. No MJ outfit would be complete without his signature silver sequined glove.

Michael Jackson Silver Glove Child

Rubie's Costume company offers this licensed Michael Jackson merch. Get your MJ getup with this silver glove on Amazon, do the moonwalk, and sing some of Michael's hits - "Beat It," "Smooth Criminal," and "Bad."

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