Only a few musicians could ever match The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. The American singer-songwriter also produced his own songs, played nearly all the instruments he needed. Not to mention, he also danced, directed, and appeared in films.

The Purple One's musical genius spread across multiple genres. He worked on funk, R&B, soul, rock, psychedelia, and more. For fans looking to experience the artistic phenomenon of Prince Rogers Nelson, here are four Prince vinyl records to get your hands on, now on Amazon.

One Nite Alone... Live! (2002)

One Nite Only... Live!
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This Prince vinyl contains the exclusive live performances from their intimate "One Nite Alone... Tour" back in 2002. It also marks the first album since 1992's "Love Symbol" to be credited under Prince and The New Power Generation. It also features a range of famous musicians lending their talents to back The Purple One in this album. Sheila E, Maceo Parker, Candy Dulfer, Eric Leeds, John Blackwell are some of the names involved in this recorded performance.

Listen to live versions of "One Nite Alone," "Do Me, Baby," and "Anna Stesia" in addition to timeless classics. Own this popular album in this limited reprint from Amazon, where the vinyl itself is also colored.

1999 (Super Deluxe) (10LP/1DVD)

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"1999" was first released back in 1982 as The Purple One's fifth studio album, preceeding "Purple Rain". Its critical and commercial success saw Prince skyrocket into public recognition. It was his first Billboard 200 Top 10 album, peaking at number nine. It spawned the hits "1999," "Little Red Corvette," and "International Lover."

Last year, the album was re-released into "Remastered," "Deluxe," and "Super Deluxe" editions. This Prince vinyl offers more disks than any other, with 10 LPs in a single package, only on Amazon. Enjoy the original 1982 album plus a lot of additional tracks from different eras of Prince's career.


The Versace Experience
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While it was officially a Prince album, it was first released as a promotional mixtape for the attendees of the 1995 Paris Fashion Week. It was again released as a posthumous album for Record Store Day 2019.

It mostly contained samples or mixes of previously released tracks. However, this Prince vinyl is home to some of the rare and commercially unavailable tracks not appearing in any other album. Listen to Prince and Madhouse recordings such as "Sonny T," "Rootie Kazootie," and a control version of "Pussy Control."

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Purple Rain

Purple Rain
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Often regarded as the penultimate Prince vinyl record, Purple Rain was the artist's sixth album back in 1984. Critics described the album as being the most musically dense of all of Prince's works, featuring full band accompaniments, multiple layers of strings, percussions, and electronic elements.

As a creative masterpiece, some of its elements were thought of as phighly sexual. The music video accompanying "When Doves Cry" sparked controversy, the same with the lyrics of the "Darling Nikki."

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A remastered edition was released in 2017, being the first Prince album to get the treatment. Listen to crystal, clear audio of Prince hits including the classic title track "Purple Rain," as well as "I Would Die 4 U," "Let's Go Crazy," and "The Beautiful Ones."

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