Liam Payne is mocking the aftermath of Zayn Malik's unexpected exit from One Direction six years ago.
On Monday, Payne mocked the management meeting he and his bandmates had after Malik, 28, opted to leave the band in 2015. 

It's been over six years since Zayn decided to leave the group, and by the looks of his recent TikTok post, Liam Payne is ready to talk about his former band member.

People reported that the international pop sensation recreated a viral TikTok lipsyncing trend in the clip and related it to Zayn's departure from the band. The video has garnered almost 3 million likes and over 130,000 comments so far.

Liam Payne's TikTok Drafts

Liam captioned the post, "forgot I made this a while ago hope you see the funny side," as the screen reads, "POV the meeting after Zayn quit." The celeb recreated the moment the band found out about the news.

According to sources, the star had mouthed the words "Are we absolutely sure what direction we're going" which can be heard in the audio itself.

The sound touches on the band's name and perfectly goes with Payne's acting. The "Sunshine" singer also included that the video has been sitting in his drafts just waiting to be released.

   @liampayne ##sunshine  forgot I made this a while ago hope you see the funny side  ♬ original sound - ava     

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Fans React to Liam's TikTok

Several One Direction fans have taken their reaction to Liam Payne's video on Twitter, as most of them have mixed feelings about it. A lot of them were surprised, "LIAM PAYNE POSTED THIS TIKTOK AN HOUR AGO AND I'M SCREAMING."

However, some didn't get the joke, "Bro what's liam payne doing on tiktok bringing up 2-15 one direction drama."

  "Liam Payne is way too deep in 1D TikTok," one observant account tweeted out. While another person said, "Liam payne was brave for that tiktok about zayn i don't think some people will be happy about that one hahahah."

Some fans found hope in the situation, "Liam Payne uploading a tiktok making light of the moment when Zayn quit gave me so much hope [not going to lie]."

Others seem to enjoy trolling the singer saying, "I can't stand Liam Payne after his last tiktok video" and "normalize blaming liam payne for all your life problems."

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