Selena Gomez was spotted in a new TikTok video as she joined the fun of getting a new piercing out of plans during a date night with friends from Girlpool.

Indie rock band Girlpool, formed by friends Avery Tucker and Harmony Tividad, joined "The Heart Wants What it Wants" singer and two more friends for dinner. And according to a documented night out on TikTok, they showed the whole process of rushing to the mall.

According to this article, the 29-year-old singer arrived with her friends at the mall, which had half an hour left before it closed. By then, the group decided to search for the Build-a-Bear Workshop for fun, defending that they're calling out their "inner adventurous" personalities to do it still.

   @girlpoool Part 1 of us trying to go to build a bear  ♬ original sound - girlpool     

  And to pay back the time they spent, the star decided to get their body piercings out of plans.

Selena Gomez' New Piercings

The uploaded TikTok video on September 15 showed Avery and Harmony talking about their piercing ideas. Gomez was also there sitting in a chair and got her ears pierced. She even took photos with the people at the tattoo parlor.

After it got cut off to another clip, Avery shared her new piercings, as well as the former "Disney" child star showing off her helix piercings and new hoop. "Got something! Right here," Gomez said.

Even though they never get to take home freshly made stuffed animals from Build-a-Bear, at least a new piece of body art is a good alternative for a group of friends to have a fun time.

 @girlpoool Reply to @savltay we tried to go to build a bear but couldn’t find it at the galleria so we went and got piercings instead ♬ original sound - girlpool  

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Busy Actress Selena

Gomez has been busier lately as her new Hulu show "Only Murders in the Building" got released. The show even got its second season renewal due to popular demand.

Other than that, she kept her cosmetics brand, "Rare Beauty," growing while working hard. And when it comes to finding time to recharge from work, Gomez loves to spend her extra time sleeping.

"A nap is my best bet, not gonna lie," she mentioned to People, as sleeping is her best way toward self-love. "Taking a nap when I'm feeling a little low is nice because I feel like I can start over."

She even hilariously shared about her obsession with napping in a recent TikTok, captioning, "Only Naps in the Building." Gomez compiled all her silly photos sleeping all over set throughout filming with the official song for the series playing in the background.

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