As Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett enter a new era for their latest collaboration record titled "Love For Sale," many fans are taking online to promote the album as well as encourage the public to purchase merch from the music legends.

Many accounts that appear to be run by old ladies have been popping out everywhere, saying they have been an avid listener of Bennett over the past decades and liked Lady Gaga; are they real supporters?

One example is a woman who claims to be Janice Jones, who said the jazz legend has always been "handsome" and his latest record is his best work since 1958. (read the full tweet below)

A user named Susan Dalten also tweeted out, "Her name is Lady Gaga! I saw her performed at Vegas and it was awesome."

"Her name is lady GaGa! My grandchildren adore her!" another fan wrote. "Absolutely enamored by the covering on Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett on 60 Minutes... me and my grandchildren will stream Love For Sale #LoveForSale now!" One tweeted.

However, the accounts circulating on Twitter appeared to be fake and were made by Lady Gaga's fans, dubbed as Little Monsters.

Browsing through their accounts, most users had old tweets consisting of photos of Lady Gaga and other celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Katy Perry, and more.

In addition, one user who previously claimed that they have grandchildren have since removed the old lady picture from their icon, and their bio says "22 years old."

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Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett's 'Love For Sale' Era

Tony Bennett has teamed up with Lady Gaga again for the final album of his entire career titled "Love For Sale."

The record was released on October 1 and already managed to top the iTunes chart as of today.

Bennett has been suffering from Alzheimer's disease, which was revealed earlier this year. His family previously said that he also has short-term memory loss.

However, his neurologist stated that his case is manageable despite his health condition as his symptoms don't show alarming disorientation, unlike other people.

In a recent appearance in "60 Minutes," Lady Gaga almost broke down in tears before performing when the jazz legend referred to her using her name. (watch the video below)

Due to Bennett's current condition, the "Anything Goes" songstress didn't expect her musical partner to do that because he always referred to her as "sweetheart."

"That's the first time that Tony said my name in a long time... I had to keep it together because we had a sold out show and I have a job to do." she told Anderson Cooper.

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