"Birthday" singer Somi is coming back with her first album, 'XOXO,' however, fans noticed a slight difference in promotion this time.

Few months after her latest comeback with "DUMB DUMB," the 20-year-old starlet announced her return via her social media accounts, asking the fans, "You ready for round two?" The post also revealed that the new album will be released on October 29, with a title track named after the album.

Soon, the fans got confused after they noticed the posters for her comeback, coming with her full name Jeon Somi, printed in white. This applied as well to the social media captions and hashtags made regarding her comeback.

Name Update

Tweets from other fans also showed a comparison of her recent Instagram post from the singer and a sample print of the 'XOXO' album on YG Select Shop with her full name imprinted on it.


Usually, these changes are officially announced by their labels. However, K-Pop columnist Jeff Benjamin announced this new information as he attached photos of the artist's pages on numerous streaming platforms, like Spotify, showing the change.

Fans questioned the reason for the sudden change. And for the reporter's response, he supported a good point made in the replies saying that it could be because of other artists having the same name as her. He mentioned Somi, who is "an American-born who works with African jazz, soul, and pop."

Other than that, another user also stated the same point claiming that other people would also mistakenly get confused with her name conflicting with other idols. Examples of these would be former Wonder Girls member Sunmi or KARD's Somin.

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On Her New Music

Jeon Somi recently revealed the tracklist of her new album, which made fans excited for her upcoming new release. The said tracklist includes four of her previous songs, "DUMB DUMB," "What You Waiting For," "Outta My Head," and her solo debut single, "Birthday."

The singer from Black Label also prepared her title track "XOXO," and three more new songs, namely "Anymore," "Watermelon," and "Don't Let Me Go" featuring Giriboy.

As soon as she posted her new tracklist, numerous fans immediately showed their support to Somi as the album comes in the next few days.

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